Please help! (gear-advice, 2.5b budget)

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    This is me;

    I need som upgrade advice for running mp10 smoother, I'm guessing I need abit more life and ar (or lr), but I dont wanna compensate my dps for it..
    Basically I'm having trouble finding the right piece of equiment on AH/now knowing that piece(s) I should spend my 2.5b on for being the most effective.

    Any help is very much appreciated. :)
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    Your dps is ok to run mp10 (I would change the fist from thunderclap to quickening for more consistent spirit regen) but you have serious issues with your EHP... boosting your vitality would be most beneficial.
    That OR wait to raise your paragon for the extra vitality boost, so you can reach an optimal level... and ofcourse spend your money to get a better weapon (either a better EF or mainhand), that IF you can snipe one from AH.
    Weapon after a certain level are instantly bought or maxbidded and getting one even if you have the money will be quite hard.
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    There should be no problem with spirit regen for the high attack speed.

    CC is a bit for this level of gear as you're wearing a Mempo.

    DPS is fine even for MP10 with the 3 additional buffs, you could down elites within seconds. However, you're kill yourself against RD for only 2.9LS. More LS will be robust, but you might have to sacrifice a bit DPS to include LS in EF or change for a rare weapon. This can be made up for by upgrading the green gems. We don't know how LS will be dealt with in RoS, but AH will be closed by then anyway.

    As for EHP, AR is slightly on the low, try to add some more to around 600. I can still survived being walled and immobilized for LS from my cyclone, 750+ AR and 1000+ life regen.
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    600 resists is a bit too much than monks really need, also OP has very low health pool and more resists won't benefit him that much. Vitality past this point adds much more EHP than resists.
    Most monks roll with 450+ resists, 5k armor and only 2.7%+ LS and they do OK.
    RD packs should be dealt with carefully and problem solved.. no need to decrease dps just for that. I can understand double LS source on ubers but not playing normally. Dashing strike is very good positioning skill which makes fights against elites very easy.
    Regarding spirit regen, it's whatever if you don't use wave of light but if you do use it, it works best with fists of lightning - quickening, using OP's current setup.
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    450 is a bit low. For mp10, I'd recommend 500AR/5karmor/50k life. 5/5/5 basically. Although really closer to 550- 600 I think is ideal.

    Single LS is fine for easy areas/mobs but for harder areas double LS makes a great deal of difference. You'll lose a bit of DPS but not having to move you're not wasting time repositioning/dodging so you may actual kill quicker with double LS against certain mobs. I roll both, single mainly but for reflect or difficult areas/ certain ubers, I switch to double. Then again some people dont care if they die every now and then. I hate dying.

    -Oh another advantage of double LS is that even if you happen to get frozen, if you have good ehp 95% of the time you wont die because your SW will still heal you enough during the duration.
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    Spirit is never a problem with Exalted Soul and high speed attack, and I can drop bell in a row until all elite die.

    Higher AR is much more robust against RD with molten, poison, trapped, walled and immobilized.

    For the same reason, double LS indeed will kill faster with a slight drop in DPS, and you can kill elites with RD in an array of laser.

    +45k HP is good enough however, with sufficient mitigation you won't die at all as long as you're hitting something in all situations.
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    Im not a huge fan of owe passive tbh. Sure its easier and cheaper to get a decent amount of res/ehp and sheet-dps with owe but you sacrifice a more usefull passive slot. I would cut down the sheet-dps a bit and switch to all res and double ls.

    Ive been running a "single ls / ef" setup a few months ago with like 335k sheet-dps unbuffed. Even with my current way lower sheet-dps my killspeed is quicker on mp10 bcuz i just facetank each and any affix combo on mp10 and dont have to deal with the annoying as fuk ef fear. And NO mp10 pack will die in a single burst rotaion with op´s current gear/skill build. After poping bf and mantra there is spi left for 4 bells and even if they all crit a pack wont be dead. So a 2nd burst rotation is needed anyways.
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    Hi there! You and me have aprox exactly the same gear. You have a problem i don't. The only thing you need is a other offhand to switch between when you meet some elites with nasty prefixes. Reflect damage and what not. Just get a other offhand for dire situations and you should be fine.

    And a other tip, try to find a neck with something with Vitality / Dex / Damage / Crit% and high crit dmg. Skip the attack speed, i find it to be to expensive on necks if you want the 3 "diablo enabler".. :)
    "Tried the adventuring life. Didn't care for it. Too much pain, not enough profit." - Vidar the Collector

    Number 1 DH in Crit dmg @ World. Working for NR 1 in life aswell!
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