Need help upgrading my monk!

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    Ello, so ive kinda hit a wall on what to upgrade next.. Right now im farming mp7, going fast, not dieing (too often atleast :P) I got 350ish mil, im thinking of getting a CC mempo / another MH, pref NOT an EF, since I hate the fear. :)
    I used 30 mil on trying to get a new neck, with no luck.. (crafting)

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    You *absolutely* need a new Main Hand. Aim for CHD 50+, OS, 2.5+ LL and highest average dmg you can afford (not the big number, but the damage range below). You can get a 900-950 avg dmg (~1000-1100 dps) weapon with those stats for around 50 mil I believe. Possibly can even get some dex/ vit if you're lucky. This is the most important upgrade by far, your weapon is disenchant material >.>

    Then, even though your WKL is decent, I'd suggest getting an Echoing Fury in offhand. Fear procs much less from offhand, and Wave of Light only uses MH to determine its dmg, so you could get a lower DPS statstick EF (Dex/CHD/LL or DEX/OS/LL) cheap and it'd be very effective, also giving you +APS which is a huge bonus;

    Your Mempo can easily be upgraded, even without Crit - could get either Armor or 250+ Dex on it almost free, the few Vit points you got on it are irrelevant;

    Your amu is decent, keep crafting but I don't think you'll craft a better one anytime soon haha.

    Not sure how much All Res you have, but you need 550-600; possible places to get it are Witching Hour and Inna pants.

    I'd also get rid of the Hellfire ring and get a good rare, on mp7 the benefits of Hellfire are already neligible and not worth it for you to gimp yourself wearing it.

    EDIT: Here's my monk for your reference. Costed around 200 mil total.
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    Alright, well I recently came back to d3, back when I stopped this mh was op :P used it as OH before I got this wkl, My AR is around 450, but I dont really have any issues keeping myself alive even tho its this low :P Yeah Ill look on AH for a better MH :)
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