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    Hello guys!
    I'm new to the monk class and I have a question about exploding palm.
    Why does people prefer essence burn rune over the flesh is weak?
    I've seen many monks using that rune... what's to it?
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    99% of people use the flesh is weak. 50% enemy health as damage ( as a base before buffs like overawe, soj) is much higher than 60% damage over 3 seconds from essence burn.
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    Then how come others use essence burn? Is there any real reason to use that rune? I don't see one that's why I'm asking... maybe I'm missing the obvious here with essence burn :)
    “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”
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    The only advantage of essence burn is that it can chain endlessly from one initial explosion. So say you kill one, it explodes and now 2 targets next to it are burning, you kill those targets, they in turn explode, and burn additional targets if nearby. But the damage is so small (60% weapon damage over 3 seconds) compared to 50% enemy health (which is huge) that can be buffed to over 100% enemy health on explosion with overawe+soj+flesh is weak.

    Invis goes over the mechanics of EP explosion here:

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    The main point to Essence Burn is if there are large numbers of low-HP enemies, and your weapon damage is high. In this case, Essence Burn can set off a chain reaction, allowing you to farm entire spawns of Fallen, Skeletons or Imps with one cast. This is fairly niche, however.
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    Alright, I think I grasped the concept, thanks a lot guys!
    “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”
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