Help improve my mp5+ farm

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    So i`ve been getting bored with TR spec and would lke to farm mp5+ for keys more, sometimes.
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    My vitality is so low, total hp is around 17k with the dps being a bit over 100k. What should i change ?
    Thanks in advance
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    You need balance, and if you do not want to sacrifice DPS too much to gain vitality, you should get something that life-leech. May it be a skorn or other weapon. This may howevery cost you a fortune.

    I try to have a balance, and thus making lower DPS, its hard to get good gear but if you have the gold you can checka auctionhouse.
    I would never sacrifice AttackSpeed, but probably dexterity, and somewhat, small amount of all res.

    So if you check for better gear, have same or very close attackspeed, less dex, less all res but more vitality. I do not talk much here, you should have much of anything really and all res is good to have.

    Try life on hit weapons if you can get one for very cheap, see if it could help you.

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    You farm MP5 in that gear ?? That cant be effective by any means :/ ?
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    There is just a massive lack of vitality as you have already stated mate. As an instant fix you could replace all of your gems with vitality ones but you just need a total rehaul of gear tbh.
    All your pieces have low rolls all around.
    You are better forgetting MP5 at the moment and sticking to MP0-MP1 farm runs untill you run into something worth selling and when your paragon level is higher.
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    Double your HP.
    Sorry for such a short answer, but that's what you need to do ^^ ( or at least the first step of it)
    Just get it on any items you can afford.
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    thanks for the quick reply. will do
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    try to change wrist, you can get sam one with better vit... or try to get 2 piece set of blackthorne set vith high vit... you will sufer a bit of dps but gain beter survival for start
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    wrists are from tr spec
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    Switch gem in helmet, that helps a lot with your vit problem. 30k life is minimum, I'd prefer 40k. You should also get higher res, several of you gear pieces have the wrong res for OWE anyways...
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    try to get vile wards with vitality. you can get some vit on inna's belt too instead of a resist. You don't need to change gems on your armor or whatnot, but if you're planning on mp5+ then you obviously won't be focused on farming XP, so you can lose the red gem for a purple one with +% life on your helmet. And then just upgrade few pieces to the similar ones with Vit, without sacrificing too much DPS. As the above poster says, 30k is plenty if you have good resists and armor.

    here's my monk, I'm in no means the best geared or whatnot, but I can farm MP6 solo key runs quite comfortably and quickly. Should give you some idea. I'd like to get some more Vit too, but I'd sacrifice a lot of DPS or Gold for that. So I'm just waiting till i get 2-300 mil before going on a spending spree.
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    yeah but all got items i found i sold in rmah, nicer seeing a few hundreds than actually gearing my char to the limit :)
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    try more defensive build(dual wield) and get HP to at least 25-30k(rare belt will help hier a lot).As defensive build I use: mantra of evasion-backlash rune(each time you dodge you will deal damage),fist of thunder-dodge rune,serenity-ascension,sweeping wind-cyclone.those 4 are must rest is up to you(I use seven sided strike with fulminating onslought rune or even stun rune(big damage on elites or big packs of mobs) and dashing strike with dodge rune for more dodge overall(this is very underrated defensive skill,you can teleport out of jail/wall also through frozen orbs just before they explode,awesome on fire chains and even teleport trough arcane sentry and you never get cornered).as passive you use sixth sense(depends what you crit chance is,if low may consider seize the initiative) and guardian path with OWE.both weapon(dual wield) should have life steal on it and socket(900-1000 range dps weapon should be cheap with only LS on it),try to get 1.40 speed weapons(sword/fist).If you still have problem with survivability may consider getting inna's helm with 30-50 life on spirit spent,should be cheap on AH also(you will spam mantra of evasion a lot).Looking at your gear,try to get more attack speed,keep only helm and pants from inna's,change chest to tal'rasha's with 9% atack speed,also should be really cheap(usually goes with 80-100 dex and same with vitality and resist of choice),grab belt with decent resist and lot of vitality,gloves(go for bit lower crit chance to decrease price) also should have at least 8% attack speed and crit chance(all of those items should cost around 6-7m,depending on AH) and if you have some spare gold grab cheap natalya's boots and ring(ring with 9% attack speed),2 set bonus will give you 7% crit chance anyway,this will give you fair bit dps.Hope this will help.
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