My 2 cents about monk pvp

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    Greetings fellow Monks!

    i know, my 2 cents arent worth more than others', but i did talk a bit about skill- and gearchoices and recorded some pvp footage anyways.

    in any case you are interested, then feel free to check out

    currently there are 2 parts. a 3rd part is planned with longer and non-winmontaged pvp encounters.

    gl and hf with your monk =)

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    Thanks for the informative video! I really like your gearing suggestions and promptly went out and geared myself up in a litany and blackthornes. I went a different route from you though. I chose to stack double resists so I ended up with only 40k life but 950 res all.

    I also am incorporating a totally different spec into pvp. I have had a side hobby of watching flying dragon pricing for the past few months and found a -5 LTK cost, 6 LS, 191 CD, 1200 dmg one that I will be using in conjunction with my -5 LTK SoJ and my -5 LTK mara's neck.

    The whole set up brings me to about 80k dps, 40k hp, 950 res all, 6 LS, -15 LTK cost, 500 LoH, 5k armor, and 800 Life Regen. Not to mention all the elite dmg reduction from the blackthorne set. I have about 1.5 attack speed with the flying dragon.

    I plan on using hand of ytar with it's new double damage in conjunction with tempest rush to long range nuke enemies and be able to retreat easily. The hand of ytar slows movement significantly, so I'm hoping that helps lock down enemies.

    I haven't tested this, so I'm curious to hear your commentary on it's viability.
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    hey SolusCoda,

    the higher resist route might work.

    about LTK: i didnt fully test out everything. my budget has its limits =)
    the hand of ytar isnt instant. you first do the spinkick animation, then the dmg lands. against WDs and DHs you mostly only have splitseconds to get them finished, when they are out of their spirit walk or smokescreen etc and you barely know where exactly they gonna pop out.
    as i tested it, i wasnt able to pull off the proper timing. tho i have zero attackspeed on my pvp set as my attackskills are all instant anyways.
    but as said, i didnt test it fully out and didnt go all out into all specs and the gearing for it. so the costreduction should allow you to spam it more and maybe snip them off here and there.
    i spirit starved too fast and lacked the aim to get them into the dust.

    long story short: i am interested in your experiance then, when you tested it out =)

    on another note:
    i am recording some duelling for a more detailled view into the skills against certain classes 1v1 and FFA and how to handle certain classes with the spec/gear suggestions i did provide so far.
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    Here's a fun little trick if you are having trouble keeping a target (like you mentioned with hand of Ytar, but it also works with other skills) :

    Hold down shift (for most people, I rebound mine to space) to stand still while you attack and hold down your skill button. Your attacks follow your initial click regardless of where your cursor moves to afterwards.

    This is particularly useful with thunderclap and a high attack speed. You actually move faster between enemies by holding down the stand still button than chasing enemies without it.
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    some good thoughts in this video. Ill try some stuff from it when patch goes live will be interesting to see evolution of this build + gear
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