Need some help with upgrades

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    Hi everyone,

    Looking for some advice on where/what I should focus on. With my current set I can easily run MP0-MP1, MP2 gets a bit iffy depending on affixes(This is solo based, in a group MP3 is where I begin to have issues). My current goal is to break 100k dps and get in to the mid MP's (I think that's a good starting point)

    This is my current gear

    Thanks all
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    What is your budget?
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    currently its 10 mil give or take
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    -buy another piece of innas set to get dex bonus. chest or pants.

    - You only have critical hit damage in your offhand. Thats is maybe the biggest thing you´re lacking. Without critical hit damage, you dont benefit from critical hit chance that much. Goal is to have 10x critical hit damage vs critical hit change, then they are balanced. The easiest way to get CHD is to buy weapons with socket and use as high emerald in them as you can afford. I think with your budget you can get that innas part and better weapons and one or two star emeralds. If you have collected emeralds, its cheaper to craft than buy from AH.

    -finally gloves and boots can have up to 300 dex and yours have only so little. Get better if you can. :)

    -After those upgrades you should be around 70-80k dps. To get further, upgrading jewelry will boost you another 20-30k dps.

    One final advice: Its better to buy 2mil item that hugely improves you character than 300k item that does close to no difference. Hope this helps! :)
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    Thanks for the thoughtful advice/help. I will definitely look into what you have suggested, hopefully it all fits in the budget.
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