FoT and deadly reach?

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    So lately i have seen quite a few monks use two spirit generators together with the passive and it looks intresting, but confusing at the same time. Is the idea to use FoT as the gap closer and then use DR? or do you close the gap with FoT, do three strikes with DR for the 18%dmg rune and then go back to FoT? Tried to google it but had no luck so if anyone has some insight on this playstyle please share!
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    Idea is for Deadly Reach to just give the 18% buff, but in cases where you don't want to teleport to the target due to Desecrator or Molten, you are free to use Deadly Reach. But FoT is the main damager.
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    I use a combo build as well. I went with WotHF/Blazing Fists instead of Deadly Reach (+15% IAS//+15% Movement Speed ~ 5 seconds). You get a nominal amount more damage with DR, but the +15% speed from WotHF walks all over DR in terms of it's overall effect as a combo strike.

    With greater speed comes a faster life recovery (LoH//LS), making BF not only a DPS amplifier, but a survivability tactic due to it's increased ability to recoup health.

    To the OP; The secondary strike in a combo build is typically only used just to maintain whatever buff the attack offers. With Deadly Reach, you only have to strike once every _____ seconds to maintain the buff.

    With WotHF, I strike with it everytime my Overawe buff needs rengaged, so that both Overawe and Blazing Fists buffs are always up.
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