Another "Help me gear" topic.

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    So, i'm using some gear i found on my DH while farming and some pieces i was using on her too:

    I have a 45M budget to upgrade.
    Should i get some 1h's with sockets / +LoH ? Or try to find a better chest piece ?

    Thanks. :)
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    45 mil is more than enough to upgrade alot. Your gear has alot of issues.

    1 you care too much about resist.
    2 your offhand should be the EF your mainhand should always be the one with the higher average dmg range.
    3 your not even using the fact you can double resist on like anything so pick a resist as you start buying this new gear.

    You can build a set pretty cheap I build a buddy a 100k+dmg set for like 12 mil with 35k hp and like 500 resist.

    Personally building a set for 45 mil with what you already have id basically replace it all.
    inna's chest with atleast 130 vit that should cost you like 7 mil
    Inna's temperance with w/e resist you want to use 2-4 mil
    Bracers with 100+dex/75+vit/4+% crit and whatever resist you choose to use.
    Dex/vit/crit hit/crit dmg/possible resist if you can find a pair resist isnt nessicary though.

    Mainhand with 2.5%+ lifesteal and open socket Optional since yours isnt too bad but LS>LOH once you have dmg
    2 80% crit gem for your weapons 3 mil
    Echoing fury with a socket 1000-1100 dmg 5-10 mil

    Also if you can find good enough pair and have enough gold left over.

    Nat boot/Nat ring. if not just replace your one ring with a Good Unity with either all resist or w/e resist your using.

    Im sending you a friend request in game. Msg me Moshrooms#1279 if you want I could walk you through building a monk set step by step Ive built enough of them :). here is my monk.
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    Did some changes based on your feedback, Moshrooms. Will accept you ingame as soon as i have time to talk :P Kinda busy now.
    DPS went up, resists went up by pairing, got a LS weapon with socket.
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