Two low budget monk gearsets for giveaway on EU

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    greetings fellow monks,

    i am about to give away two monk gearsets (and promote my YT guide a bit along the way =P).

    set 1:
    its more a starter pack than just a set. it contains almost all the items i did buy for the exampleset i did kill MP5 ubers with in my YT guide - i gave away some items already, the remaining items are able to farm MP1-5 just fine, just MP5 ubers wont be an option anymore (solo tho, group should be fine). you can pick your setup kinda depending on your need of sustain, so you can kinda "grow into" the higher dps options of the set.

    stats (depending on your paragon and what items you pick):
    - 45-50k HP (no vit gems)
    - 680 resist
    - 4,5k armor (with STI+enchantress)
    - 40-50k dps
    - sustain depending on setup: 500ish LoH or 1400ish LoH or 5,7% lifesteal
    - 12% movementspeed

    how to get set 1?:
    post your profile at and say you want it. i must consider the starter pack an upgrade for you tho and it helps, if i dont get the impression that gold is coming out your ears. i rather make someone. who is actually struggling on his main, happy, than to just stuff a barely played alt of someone.
    who gets the set will be decided by then.

    set 2:
    this will be the example-set i gonna use for my "how to build dps" part of my YT guide. its not done yet. the budget i gonna use in total is 10mil (might go slightly over budget tho, if i dont find satisfying stuff in a reasonable time). i will not build the set _all out_ on dps and will go for some minimal markers.

    minimal aim stats i gonna make sure to have (on my monk):
    - 35k HP (with the option to reach it by socketing amethysts with 0 paragon)
    - 600 resist
    - 4,5k armor (with STI)
    - dps: ???
    - sustain: ???
    - 24% movementspeed

    how to get set 2?:
    post your profile at and say you want it. if i consider the set an upgrade for you, then you will get into the rafflelist. ppl who are subs of my YT channel will get 5 entries into the list (dont forget to post your YT name then), therefore increasing the chance of winning. ppl who are already subs right now, will get extra entries.
    you can post your guess at what dps the set gonna end up with the 10m budget and the given minimal markers. whoever gets the closest to the endresult will get 10 extra entries on the raffle list.
    in the end will draw the winner.
    my YT channel:

    gl and happy hollidays!
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    100 view and only one participant so far. you guys are already stuffed out or did ppl stop liking free stuff all of a sudden? =P
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    sorry, forgot to update here a bit. giveaway set 2 is done for a while now. did reach 100k paper dps on my monk and if i would want to for some reason, then i can make MP9 work with the set.
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