What should I be going for (gear, MP)

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    This is my profile (eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/zoth00-2182/hero/18450186)

    Basically, I'm going for the fastest exp possible, but I got some troubles if I go further than MP0, because I lack any kind of LOH or LS.

    Although budget is extremely limited, all this gear was pretty cheap since I got it with bidding snipes, so what should I look for in terms of upgrades? The most urgent thing seems to me a new weapon due lack of LOH/LS, but with a good 3% LS I end up loosing 6.5k dmg. Should I do it? I mean, doesn't matter if I got better dps right, without LOH/LS I can't really advance in MP.

    I also do duo runs with a barb, and I have to time my serenity/blind/heal extremely well in order not to die. Would 3% LS completely solve this?
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    I personally found that 60k dps on MP1 feels like a good run speed. If I drop to MP0 with that much dps it seems like I'm one shooting everything with lots of over kill. I only have 500 LOH and 0 LS matched with 500-600 all resist. I almost never die on MP1.

    I don't know if 3%LS will make you invincible, but it will definitely help. I dropped my LOH for LS at 65k dps, but it still didn't feel like it was giving enough self healing. I’d recommend LOH at your dps, but your aren’t running a lot of attack speed to it could be a wash.

    For upgrades I'd suggest a Won Kim with LOH and a socket. (they are fairly reasonable on the US AH right now). If you’re going for exp you really need a Hellfire ring. That 35% is very well worth it even on a poorly rolled ring. If you can't handle the boss fights I’d suggest some of the MP10 carry groups that will run you thought for 1-3 mill (with your machines) . Money very well spent if you’re looking for fast exp.
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    one other thing i just noticed is that your mixing your resists. OWE means that you want to stack a single resist for best results. you have cold, physical, and poison on your gear which is a complete waste of stat. switching that out will add a lot to your survivability.
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