Uppgrade for 4 mill.

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    i try to farm as much as I can, and I manage it quite well. I do however feel that I have a lot more to go on, I have a budget of about 4 mill and would like 1 item. Is there any part of my gear I can uppgrade quite nicely with this sum of gold?

    As of now I'm just leveling my monk on mp0, want to get to lvl 60 or something quite fast before I up the mp.

    There is a link to my battle accound on my profile page since I'm not at a high enough lvl to post it here yet.

    Would be grateful for any responses.
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    An Andarials Visage with less than 10% "more fire damage taken", 9% IAS and perhaps even a dex+vit roll on top of the 150-169 dex. I don't know if 4 mil is enough for an upgrade like that, since I've only followed D3 news and forums, I haven't actually played for a month b/c of personal issues.
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    I've got something like that, I dont like to use it as it does'nt have a socket. Which sucks, so thats why I prefer my Inna's.

    Probably need a lot more cash for a new amulet or ring, guess or even pants or chest. Think my next uppgrade will cost a bit.

    Any ideas what I should get, a part from the helm mentioned above?
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    An armory link would help
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    i can't post links yet, but if you visit my profile, you can see a link under the about me section. Got 5 mill now btw aswell.
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    Get parts of the Inna's set if you haven't already. The spirit stone and belt will be the easiest to start with.
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