WANTED : Gear upgrade advise

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    Hey guys!

    Apperently i can't post urls here yet but my character is called "kissrikard".

    I recently started playing again and would like some advices about upgrading my gear.
    I don't survive on MP6 without my barb friend and his resistance/armor buff so guess more res and armor would be nice..

    I also wonder if the Shenlong's fist of legend weapon set is good and better than what i have? I bought the fist of legend for like 1.2m earlier today with the following stats

    "930.5 dps
    397 - 932 damage
    1.40 attack per second
    247 - 584 lighting damage
    44 % damage
    103 strength
    195 dexterity
    critical hit damage increase by 77 %
    gain 55.7 life per spirit spent"

    and I'm thinking about buying the other set part with the following stats

    "986.6 dps
    374 - 896 damage
    1.55 attack per second
    34 % maximum damage
    227 - 507 lighting damage
    41 % damage
    190 dexterity
    increases attack speed by 11 %
    each hit adds +948 life"

    so i kinda wondering wich weapon would be the best for me?

    hope anyone here can help me out.
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    you need to post your whole battle tag with the #1234 on the end.
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    You sure Impunity increases resists of grp? If it does, the wording is wrong. Afaik only armor is for grp. Also, if you can't survive on mp6, you should be playing max on 3 if you want to be atlest a little efficient. If that is not what you want, but rather looking for a challange, you need to up your EHP and healing stats, but can't give you an advice without seeing profile. Also, try to get a weapon with socket and/or CHD (in case of 'or' 90%+).
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    Just yesterday, I equipped the Shenlong set, over Inna's Reach. The "paper" DPS went down significantly, but since the attack speed is so much better, it's actually more efficient since I'm getting hit less.
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