Guide: How to gear your monk step by step 60k dps easymode act3

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    How to gear your monk step by step 60k dps easymode act3

    The simple truth is that u will need money. Keep playing slowly building up your millions till u hit the lottery and get that item u can sell for lotsa millions.
    U can use your new fortune to fully upgrade your monk to pown all content. You will need about 30-40 million gold.

    I visited the ah and made a set. This time a set with higher quality items but still looking for the best cheap deals. All bought within 20 min. If u spend more time, u can wait for bids to run out;
    Or have more choice when u check another day to get even better deals.

    boots: 235 dexterity, 63 vitality, 51+31 resist buyout 1.8 million

    shoulders: 133 dexterity, 128 vitality, 47+34 resist buyout 2.5 million

    belt: 166 dexterity,132 vitality, 45 resist buyout 1.2 million

    chest: 43 dexterity, 144 vitality, 44+48 resist, 3 sockets buyout 1 million

    pants: 77 dexterity, 175 vitality, 52+40 resist ,2 sockets buyout 2 million

    These core items, the boots, shoulders,belt, chest and pants are critical for a good build. Asmuch dexterity as possible is 1 priority, secondly u wanne have as much vitality on the also.
    Last is resists. On almost all these items resist is fairly abundant. U should try to have about 80-90 resist per item. Vitality is very important as it will make building your monk for dps much easier.
    Buying good items are fairly cheap, so everyone should be able to buy really good items.

    Boots: stay around 230 dexterity, very easy to gain alot of dexterity and dps here. Main decision will be to get more resist or vitality. I would suggest to get more vitality instead of trying to buy boots with low vit and high resist.
    Should not be hard to find decent boots, normally there is alot of choice. If u want runspeed on your boots, i would advise to drop vitality on boots then u can get good dps boots fairly cheap. This will only work if your other gear can support the loss.

    shoulders: try to stay around 130 dexterity. Abit lower or higher is good. Fairly easy to find good shoulders, but keep looking for ones with high vitality. Most shoulders will have low vitality, do not buy these. I would suggest u keep looking for a good set with pickupradius.
    One of your items needs pickupradius and is mostly easiest on shoulders. Its worthwile to spend extra money on very good shoulders with radius so u dont need to replace them in the future, unless u are lucky and find a good item with it on.

    belt: i would always go single resist here, because belts are cheap and lotsa choice and u can have so much dps gain here by getting lots of dexterity and vitality. Alot of dps and survival very cheap.

    chest: not really happy with this chest, prefer to have around 70-90 dex on the chest, but there was not alot of choice when i checked. Also like to have more vitality. Vitality 150+ is priority on chest with good amount of dex. There was a nice chest for 5mill, but for 1 mill this chest is
    a better deal for the money.

    pants: same as chest, gain as much vitality here as u can, coupled with good resists. The main mistake on chest and pants is buying without sockets and low vitality.

    Most common mistake i see, is low dexterity on these items, too low vitality but alot of resists. Priority when buying these item is important. U want maximum dps with maximum vitality and depending on your money lastly as much resist.

    dps items and crit chance providers

    bracers: 128 dexterity, 57 vitality, 55 resist, crit chance 5% buyout 2.5 million

    helm: 89 dexterity, no vitality, 38 resist, crit chance 5% buyout 2 million

    gloves: 173 dexterity,34 vitality, 49 resist, attack speed 6%; crit chance 8.5 1.5 million

    amulet: -9+9 dps , 94 dexterity, crit hit damage 52%, crit chance 6.5% 3 million

    ring1: -32+56 dps, 69 vitality, 34 resist, crit hit damage 16% , crit chance 3.5 1.8 million

    ring2: -14+33 dps, 56 dexterity , 47 vitality, attackspeed 5%, crit chance 3% 2.8 million

    These items are were your dps comes from. So if u want to increase your dps, these items u will need to focus on. However if your core items are very bad then u will have a hard time building a strong monk.
    Core items are very cheap and dps items are very expensive to buy. U can however fix this.

    bracers: very important to try to max out the crit chance or close to it,every % of crit counts. So search above 5%. Besides that dont buy low dexterity bracers. I would go single resist as u will have more choice.
    U want to get as much dps as possible here, so max dex and max crit chance, then get the best item u can buy with most vit and resist also on it. I liked some more vitality on these bracers but overal not bad.

    helm: good helms are annoying to find, i tend to skip vitality to open up more choice. Again high dexterity and crit chance 5%+ is important. U need to pretty lucky to find a decent priced helm with vitality.
    Keep looking daily,take your time to find a good helm. Stay above 70 dex and above 30-40 resist. Do not buy a helm with low crit because it has vitality or more resist. U want to gain crit chance here

    gloves: most common mistake, buying gloves with low dex, search for asmuch dexterity as possible, getting a decent amount of vitality on shoulder is hard. Again here u want as much crit chance as possible search for 7-8%
    Do not buy low crit chance gloves. Keep waiting till u find a good set. I prefer attackspeed on globes since its cheap 7-9%. If u have a big budget, gloves can have alot of crit damage, so u wanne get one with 40%+ crit damage.
    Again buying gloves with low crit damage, u might be better off with attackspeed.

    amulet: massive dps gains on this item possible. get as much dexterity, average damage, crit chance about 6%, u don't wanne search too high crit chance to give more options in items. Amulets can have high amounts of crit damage
    so get 50%+ crit damage on it. A cheaper alternative might be attackspeed 9%. But for most dps get crit damage. To be able to have alot of choice, i tend to skip vitality and resist when searching. Search for crit damage, crit chance, average damage and dex.
    If your lucky u can find a decent priced one with some res or vit also.

    ring1: this rings has alot of average damage, the more of this the better, is about same dps then dex or even more at high gear levels. Not happy with the crit damage, a ring should have around 26%+ crit damage.
    I tend to skip dexterity on this ring because i added resist. When searching for average damage, resist and crit chance 3%+. If u would add dexterity on the search u would get very few items and expensive.

    ring2: again average damage is free dps, so always look out for it as much as possible. on the second ring i tend to go with crit chance and attack speed. Attackspeed is cheaper and also easier to find rings with vitality and dexterity when choosing attack speed.
    its alot harder when searching for crit damage on a ring to have it vitality.

    Rings are so versatile and i would buy those lasts to finish your gear, they have everything u want and u can search for many different combinations. If your low on vitality, u can find two rings with vitality. U can get one ring with resist and another without resist.
    I tend to search for crit chance and attackspeed or crit chance and crit damage. However u can also find very good rings by maybe searching only for crit chance and taking alot of dex, vitality and average damage on them. So yeah, rings can give u everything u will need to finish your gear.
    U can add some resists , some vitality or skip them and find better deals going for pure dps. It all depends on how good your core items are. Rings are excellent for filling the gaps in your gear. An extra boost of vit, resist, its all possible.

    Returning back to the main point. If your core items have the correct stats, u will be more relax in choosing your rings and amulet. U will have more freedom in taking vitality or no vitality. This is realy important because finding perfect rings or amulets is hard and cost alot of monnies.
    By being able to skip certain stats that make these items expensive, u can buy them cheap and have the same dps as an item that cost 50 million.

    Being able to do high damage for little money is possible. If your core items are bad, u will end up too low vitality or resist.

    To farm act3 easily, u want to be nNear 60k dps for smooth sailing,550+ resist,near 38k health and pickupradius.

    I do not value resist much, since elites will die within 20 seconds and if u wanne do high dps and maintain high resist, u will pay 100 million extra only for 200-300 resist more. Which is clearly a waste of money. That money is better spent on even more dps gear that will make resist even less valuable.
    I value vitalty more then resist, since certain mobs or large packs do hit hard that u need to be able to survive their hits. Loh will not help much if u get oneshot.

    Resist help against casters, but casters are weak and easy to kill. If u do not focus them and let them shoot u offscreen then yes u will be dead fast. But 300 more resist will not prevent that either.


    legendary echoing fury 928 dps 486-832 0.21 speed 159 dex socket buyout 3.5mill

    sword 822.5 dps 351-824 74 dex crithit 58 socket 2.5mill
    mace 890 dps 465-991 185 dex crithit 57 socket buyout 5 mill

    the legendary echoing fury is a pretty good weapon even when it doesnt even have crit damage on it. Whats makes it so good as mainhand is that it also speed up your offhand.
    U want to look for one with a socket as close to 1000 dps as possible, alot of dex and alot of extra speed on it. Mine had 0.21 but u can have 0.25 which adds extra dps.
    Overal these are great weapons for a good price. 3.5 million is cheap.

    as offhand i had two choices, going for dps or survival. i could use a sword with lifesteal which might be worth it for people to give up some dps and gain some survival by being able to gain life back.
    Mostly needed versus molten elites or reflect damage.

    Or take weapon with pure crit damage and as high dex and dps as possible. The big advantage of having an echo is that it makes slow weapons really fast and u can actually even use a mace as offhand. There are alot of maces for good prices and high dps on ah.
    Offcourse u could also take a fast weapon as offhand but these are more expensive and harder to find the good ones. Basicly u can wield any weapon if your using an echoing fury. Even the slowest weapon will gain enough speed.

    These weapons are not the best but still enough to make 60k dps. U don't need expensive weapons if your gear is strong and balanced. All dps items i bought are also very cheap.

    total stats of the gear:

    dexterity: 1657
    vit: 972 = 40000 health
    res: 574
    crit chance 36.5
    crithit damage=356

    59.5k dps lifesteal
    64.5k dps no lifesteal

    Gearcost: 28 million, can be alot cheaper waiting on bids, snipes or checking during a week
    extra costs: 5x 46 dexterity gems for 5 sockets
    2x90 critdamage gems: 12 million

    Hopefully people who need to upgrade some items, can understand from this wall of text what to look for and what to improve.
    As u can see if u can find one good item, u should be able to make enough money to gear your character very well for act3 speedfarms.
    I strongly suggest to invest in 90 crit damage gems, because u can take them out and use them on another character also. So they are a good investment and fairly cheap.

    if u follow these guidelines and buy similar gear,u will be able to reach 60k+ dps and definatly if u have some paragon levels making it even easier.


    This links to a google document online where u can enter your chars detail. There u can compare new weapons and gear to see dps gains. That way u can buy the best item for the best price. Once u understand how much damage each stat gives, u will have an easier time shopping.

    update: here u can see all gear with stats on a virtual character
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    Well done! Hopefuly people read and understand it. ;) So many peeps looking for help these days and are kinda stucked with their current gearset cuz they just dont follow some simple rules for gearing up.
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    nice post ive looked into that but im still having probs with gearing my monk above 40k dps... will have to look for good items on AH
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    Great post. This is exactly the type of info I was looking for. Thanks!
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    Nice guide. :)
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    Nice guide

    Would be good if you use sometime like this web (random monk from the web), just need to create an account and copy from your profile.

    With this we can see the detailed/full information from gear, also we can select our Paragon level

    Quote from Deadlybonne

    Gearcost: 28 million, can be alot cheaper waiting on bids, snipes or checking during a week

    For 20min b/o is a good price.
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    Yes, i made a monk on that website, good website

    Small update, i made some mistake. I did not add the dexterity and vitality that u gained during normal levelling, so only was calculating my gear. So my dps calculation and health was a bit low.

    I updated it now and its pretty perfect now, Perfect health 40000 health, with lifesteal 60k dps and without lifesteal weapon 64.5k dps

    If u check the gear on that website, u can actually see how much dps each piece of gear provides, so its nice info, if u wanne see what the biggest dps upgrades are.
    • Helm DPS: 7,564.46
    • Shoulder DPS: 4,174.49
    • Amulet DPS: 13,917.59
    • Chest DPS: 5,681.08
    • Gloves DPS: 15,637.31
    • Bracers DPS: 8,693.92
    • Belt DPS: 5,210.27
    • Pants DPS: 5,304.43
    • Ring 1 DPS: 8,375.84
    • Ring 2 DPS: 8,796.22
    • Boots DPS: 7,375.99
    • Main Hand DPS: 52,087.47
    • Off Hand DPS: 50,876.54
    If u can't build a faceroll monk now, then i need to buy u a pair of brains but im short on gold hehe
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    Oh man, prices in europe are way higher ..
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    Nice post!+1
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    Not really because im from europe, so this is even cheaper in us. So should be no problem anywhere, did get a bit lucky on gloves tho. Overal if i can find cheap stuff in 20min, everyone can find the same in 1-2 weeks of checking.
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    thanks for the guide. this and some lucky AH sales that finally let me get about 20 million gold have really helped my monk. prices were higher than listed today but with a little patience i can fill out the holes i have. at 47k unbuffed now so i am on my way.
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    Really helpful guide. Thanks! :Thumbs Up:
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    Hi I need some help.

    My current stats:
    DPS: 53530 (crit chance 40,5% crit dmg ~340%)
    Health: 39,9k
    Resist: 590
    Armor: 5100
    Pickup-radius: 10y
    Extra health from globes: 10k

    I can't faceroll act 3, I die on hard elites every time. If they have firechains, molten, desecrate or some other affixes I die like three times on each pack. I've tried many different builds, maxing dps with tc/cyclone, survival builds with keen eye/MoE - Hard target etc.

    Is it my dps that's too low still or do I need more life or maybe more pickup-radius?

    EDIT: After some more reading on this forum I think I'll implement some LoH maybe that will do it.
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    From what I see from your status, you're fine in all aspects.

    I'm afraid to say that may be it is your playstyle and/or you're not dynamic enough.

    I use all three buffs before engage, and backoff if anything goes wrong. You can't stay at one sport in A3, and basically it is hit and go.

    I haven't tried the defensive way though.
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    Well playstyle might be one thing, but to barely survive and to faceroll the content is at least for me very different. Sure I can play it and might not die many times doing it, but I want to farm not barely survive.

    The question is where to focus upgrading. Dps, health, LoH/LL or pickupradius?
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    I'd say upgrade your resist all, I have 870 resist all, I die every now and then but very rarely.
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    the hardest part about gearing is finding a good slot to add some health return by loh or lifesteal. The easiest way is to find a good weapon with lifesteal on and cheapest.

    u want lifesteal on weapon or small amount of loh 200-400 on a gearslot. However this mostly means a dps loss since finding high dps gear with loh also is gonna get expensive.

    u wanne keep looking for the best deals on a high dps weapon with lifesteal, maybe even a legendary, many decent legendaries are cheap and can have lifesteal. u just wanne make sure u don't waste too much dps to gain survival.

    molten, desecrate and firechains is more annoying then hard, u need to be patient and move fast. U don't wanne get surrounded, just hit and run to keep sweeping winds up and full nuke when blind or serenity is up. If u pay attention u won't die, but some mobs jump around or move suddenly which can get u in trouble.

    U should know by now which mobs are dangerous, its mostly the same type that will own u. Just be rdy for it, play it safe. Some packs u need to kite a bit,most packs should be faceroll tho.

    And yes, with more dps its going to get easier, but your in a good spot now, can only get better.
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    The previous post gives you more or less all the tips to fight elites. Basically, you have to hit around to set up as many cyclones as possible, for which the minions are your aids. When you're high in life and spirit hit harder, else fall back a bit hitting some minions.

    I tuned up a monk last night with a similar profile as yours. I went down from the keep all the way to Amodan. Died maybe three times to the terrorist and the shielded + fire birds, which could have been avoid with more attention. I once cleared two packs at the same spot, and this might be an indicaion whether you are fit for the place.

    I played more agressively on softcore as there is very little penalty in D3. I give up serenity, but instead I have SSS, and I take Exalted Soul and drop Resolve so that my spirit is always up. Before engage, I pop all the three buffs, setting up as many cyclone as possible, then SSS and MoC, and retreat immediately to avoid explosion or get away from the hot spot. Not sure about the right order of SSS and MoC yet, still testing for the best results.

    Having lots of spirit to recast MoC is a big plus in the middle of the battle for the additional 48% which also stunt the enemies too, and this allows me to faceroll ghom and Amodan fairly easily. This is my personal playstyle, which is by no means optimal, but just would like to share for your reference.
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    As for upgrade, the priority is still DPS, otherwise some more HP and life sustain, LoH, LS and/or LAK.

    The monk I played last night hag 42k HP, which helped as there're a number of narrow escapes.
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    Yeah I agree, priority is still dps.
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