Need serious help with my Monk build, hit plateau

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    Hey guys,

    I've been playing my monk for a long time, I've been trying to farm act 3. While sometimes I feel like I have no issues, other times I feel like the battle was lost before it even got started. For example, I've noticed with my monk, and other monks similarly built with either better or worse gear, that unless we're doing damage, we cannot survive at all. Therefore, certain mobs like 20 icy quillbacks tear me to shreds before I can even get started. If I've already died, its even worse. I have limited spirit and have to fill it all the way up so I can start the "order of operations" Breath of Heaven, Blinding flash if you run it, then sweeping wind, If I Havent miraculously died yet I have to pop serenity, I'm absolutely fed up.

    If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it, before I go Seven Side Strike Jay Wilson's ass.

    A few details:

    my profile shows some discrepancies so I'd like to elaborate:
    Note, I cannot post a link yet, I had to alter it and remove the dot's after US and before NET

    us battle net/ d3/en/profile/Swagger-1790/hero/337917

    ~30,000 HP
    1000 Life on Hit
    2.8% life steal
    1.78 APS, I have other weapons I can put up as well for analysis but these are what I'm currently using

    I have tried different mantra's, swapping out seize the initiative with things like path of the guardian, the diminishing returns on dodge makes me sick to my stomach.

    I feel as though the monk will never have the survivability of a barbarian, because they give the barbarian similar skills, and more mobility and survivability. Call me crazy, but barb's rarely sit there and take damage like monks do, they whirlwind around the molten, plague bullshit and tapdance around all the real issues. Monks are constantly popping skill's for heals and immunity its like every battle is uphill.

    This is my first post on diablofans and I apologize its half rant/ half desperate call for help. I'm just extremely frustrated. Thanks for your consideration.

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    I'll start with how I had to progress through the frustration phase you are in: When I had similar DPS and HP pool as you show, I found myself needing to run the standard SW monk build, but using MoE Hard target, and dropping FoT for Deadly Reach+Keen eye (along with all of the mitigation passives, OwE, Resolve and STI.

    Edit: So this build:!aUX!Zcbbca

    Now, how to progress OUT of the current state: Get more vitality, drop a bit of LoH or LS to boost DPS, and get ONE slot with pickup radius. If you can do those 3 things, getting to 36k+ HP, 55K + dps and maintain 650 resist and keeping a bit of LS or LoH, you'll find that the runs are alot less painful, and can start switching to a more aggressive skill build (going back to FoT and such).

    Edit 2:
    It make go without saying, but I also had to really become alot more active in my play style during this phase of my monk, making sure I was moving constantly to pick up health globes, and making sure I was maximizing my SW and Cyclone DPS with using Blinding flash before starting SW. Usually, after a death, you can Flash, hit something a couple times to gain enough spirit to hit SW while the Blinding Flash buff is still active.
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    Low health, low resists, low armor. I'm not surprised that you're dead before you get to deal damage. Although, with proper use of thunderclap and LoH, you still should be able to live...
    My monk Vin
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    I would say blinding flash is one of our strongest abilities for survivability and use. I typically drop blazing wrath before flash.
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