My Advice on How to Gear Up Your Monk for 50k DPS

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    Visited the ah and put together a high dps monk to show how to gear and what to pay attention too when buying gear.
    Did this quick in 20 min as people seem to have problems gearing for high dps.

    boots: 236 dexterity,29 vitality, 54+32 resist, buyout 500k

    belt: 136 dexterity, 42 vitality, 49+55 resist buyout 650k

    shoulders: 134 dexterity, 55 vitality, 36+43 resist buyout 500k

    chest: 57 dexterity, 166 vitality 67+30 resist 1 socket 300k

    pants: 41 dexterity, 177 vitality, 47+30 resist 2 sockets 400k

    boots, belt, shoulders, chest and pants are your core items. u want to have as much dex, vitality and resist on these items.
    As u can see its fairly cheap to have a decent amount of dexterity and resists. U will mostly be paying for high vitality on these items.

    boots can have very high dexterity cheap,this is priority
    belt: depending on your other items, u can go single resist on belt or buy a belt with very high vitality like 130 dex 130 vit 45 resist. U can gain
    alot of vitality on a belt if u need it by dropping some resist.
    Depending on your other gear, u should go single resist for more vitality or double resist if u prefer more resist and less vit.
    shoulders: take more vitality or resist on your shoulders depending what u need, might also take shoulders with pickupradius on it
    chest:u want to search for a chest with 3 sockets as it adds alot of dps to fill the sockets. chests can have alot of vitality cheap. So
    to prevent ending up low health, u want to take as much vitality here as u can. U will be paying extra the more dex there is on the item.
    pants: same as chest, u want to pick alot of vitality cheap here so u can take less on other items. always search for 2 sockets. vitality is more important
    then alot of resists here

    note: these items should provide most of your vitality and resists so u can take less good stats on your damage items.

    helm: 73 dexterity, no vitality,57 resist, crit chance 5% , buyout 3.9 million

    bracers 116 dexterity, 41 vitality, 56 resist, crit chance 5% buyout 4 million

    gloves 153 dexterity, 34 vitality,27 resist, crit chance 7%, attack speed 6% buyout 1.2million

    amulet +12 minimum damage,75 dexterity,85 vitality,53% crit damage, 6% crit chance buyout 4 million

    ring 1 +9 minimum damage, 52 dexterity, 40 vitality, 3% crit chance, attack speed 6% 1.3 million

    ring 2 17-34 damage, no dex,(socket +46 dex),27 resist,3% crit chance, attack speed 6% 900k

    helm, bracers, gloves, amulet and rings are your damage dealers items and crit chance providers. And will cost alot more to get the best items.

    helm: good helms are hard to find, u want as much dexterity on your helm as possible, but u might need to make sacrifices to take no vitality or lower resist on them.
    It will be impossible finding a helm with double resist, so u want to go single resist. If u take enough vitality on your other items, u might need to skip it here. Keep checking the ah, good helms sell fast.

    bracers: depending how high u value resist, i prefer to go single resist on bracers, its cheaper and u will have more choice. Double resist bracers will be expensive. High crit chance is important here

    gloves: gloves should have 7-8% crit chance, and high dexterity. Taking a cheap gloves with low dex, u will loose alot of easy dps. Its also cheaper to get gloves with attack speed instead of crit damage on it.
    Gloves provide alot of dps, mainly because u have high dex, and double stats on it, crit chance+ attack speed or crit damage. The problem with gloves is finding ones with a decent amount of vitalty and resist for a good price.

    amulet: an amulet can provide a very high dps boost, u want high crit chance and alot of crit damage on it. Its cheaper to skip resist on amulet as it will be cheaper. U could also skip vitality. What u choose depends on the rest of your gear.
    If your low on damage u might wanne start with an amulet with life on hit on it, to replace it later once your damage gets high enough.

    rings: rings are very versatile, u can take rings with vitality, with resist or skip both. it all depends what u need. Its much easier to find good damage rings if u can skip vitality or resist. If u want all the good stats on a ring, u will be paying more.
    the best damage boost on a ring is to take one with +- damage on it. A ring without dexterity but alot of minimum-maximum damage on it,can do more damage then a ring with dexterity. Ring 2 i bought is very good and cheap since it looks bad. U want double dps stats on ring.
    crit chance+ attack speed or crit chance+ crit damage. to get the most dps out of a ring,+- damage is where u can get extra free dps from.

    These damage dealer items is where u need to make the correct choices. These items will boost most of your dps together with your weapons. And as u can see u can buy pretty good items, just by buying smart or buying items that are less optimal.
    By gearing most of your resist and vitality from your core items, u will have an easier time finding your damage dealer items as u will be in a better position to skip some stats that make these items expensive. a ring can cost 50mill just because it has vitality or resist, while a 1 million ring can provide the same damage.

    axe 872 dps 462-880 basedamage ,133 dexterity,64 crit damage + socket buyout 3.5 million
    sword 842.6 dps 327-877 base damage, 121 dexterity, 62 crit damage + socket buyout 2 million

    weapons will provide most of your crit damage u need to work together with your crit chance gear. Get as much dexterity and crit damage on the weapon to get the most dps.Do not buy a weapon with only high dex or crit damage. Both stats need to be high enough to gain much dps.
    Also the base damage of the weapon is important also.

    total stats of this gear: 1691 dexterity,820 vitality, 363 crit damage, 34% crit chance , 610 resist.
    Total dps: 50.5 k dps

    So buying the cheapest items i could find on the ah for the searches i made in 20 minutes. it would cost me a total of 26 million to make a near 50k dps monk. Price included to put in +46 dex gems and +70 crit damage gems in the sockets.

    Conclusion: my dexterity ends up being a bit low, taking a chest with 3 sockets instead of 1 will already give 47k dps. My vitality is also too low. Buying a bit better gear with more vitality and a bit more dex on items and u have a solid farm 50k dps monk fairly cheap. All the gear i bought was on buyout, so
    alot of these items could be sniped or bid upon to end up alot lower as total cost. My resist is fine, i farm act3 with 570 resist.If u prefer more resist, u can get some on the rings or amulet, but the choice off available items is limited and not a good idea.

    The higher your damage gets, the lower your defense stats need to be. The faster elites die, the faster healthglobes will spawn, reducing the need for high resist. Also the need for LOH reduces as your damage goes up. 1 item with 300 Loh is enough to keep u alive, till your damage gets high enough that u actually don't need loh at all.


    ps: when buying damage items, u always want to compare them with your current gear to see the dps gains.

    Get a google account and use the online program to check items in the ah, as sometimes u might be suprised which items actually provide u the best dps.

    edit: another wall of text

    Part 2 Understanding how to survive with no Life on Hit

    1 item of your gear needs pickupradius, which most people who have problems do not have. What does pickupradius do besides picking up your gold.
    When u kill trash , some hard trash will drop healthglobes, pickupradius will pick those up and heal u. This helps alot and u might not even notice it happening.
    Since as soon as it spawns it heals u and this gives u more time to stop wasting your cooldowns like serenity, blind and heal. The less fast u need to use your cooldowns the better.
    Since then u can chain then all the time and do not need to pop em so fast that u have nothing left when u need it.

    healthglobes on elites, damage an elite to 50% and he spawn a healthglobes, kill the elite and u get another 1. By understanding this, u can choose the spawn of your healz.
    If an elite or minion is almost dead, instead of running away, u kill it and get healed. On alot of hard elites running away will not help u. Alot of times its better to stand still
    and deal as much damage to 1 elite so he spawns healthglobes,then u start on the other one and u get another one and if your sweeping winds is damaging lotsa elites, u will get even more healing.
    The higher your damage the faster u get spawns, and is also the reason why u can play without loh since the elites themselves heal u while dying.

    Part 3 How to gain the most damage with a very small budget

    Simple answer is weapons, weapons provide the most damage increases. Weapons with 820+ dps 140 dex and 60% crit damage on it + a socket is all u need for 50k dps. Offcourse if u can find weapons with even more
    crit damage or higher dps its even better. High crit damage is important as enough dexterity. This works together with your crit chance gear.

    Its no point in wearing crit chance gear and using loh weapons. Sure they keep u alive, but most things will kill u anyway as your damage is too low. U wanne kill things fast and heal with healthglobes. On some elites
    loh will not work since u need to kite away from poison, fire and beams. Making loh useless, if your not hitting anything your not getting healed.
    High dps loh weapons are also very expensive meaning your using a pretty bad weapon just because it has loh on it , making u do very bad damage.

    Weapons are where your damage comes from, mostly because u can gain so much crit damage there. Lets take two weapons with 60 crit damage on it + socket with 70% crit gem. Thats 130 crit damage on 1 weapon.
    Add another weapon and u have a total of: 260 crit damage

    Just by having these weapons u will have so much damage, that loh is not that important and if u have pickupradius.
    Prices of these weapons are fairlyy cheap now, u can find these weapons for 2.5-3 million easy. Nobody is even buying my offhand for that price hehe

    Since it takes time to gear up and u might need some loh to get to that point. For 1 million u can find very good amulet with 6% crit chance,300 loh and dex and maybe even vit and resist but those make it more expensive.

    Conclusion: if your damage sucks real bad and u have a decent amount of crit chance gear. All u need to do is find an amulet 1-2 million with some loh on it 300+. Very easy to find and cheap.
    Replace your loh weapons with high crit damage weapons and your damage will increase very much.

    use the calculator to compare weapons, a new weapon should increase dps with 4-6k dps. Also take into account the crit gem u gonna put in. The higher the better.

    There is a big difference in doing 28k dps or doing 40 k dps. By gearing correctly and not using loh weapons u will survive much better.
    In diablo damage is survival, dead things don't hurt u. The longer it takes to kill them, the more chance u gonna die.

    What u need: high crit chance 30+, crit damage weapons to provide the damage and most of your crit damage. Pick upradius to survive by using heathglobes. Depending on how good a player u are,
    u might need some extra loh which u should buy on an amulet. If your damage is very high, eventually u will replace the loh amulet with a crit damage amulet.

    Once u start playing with pickupradius, u will start learning when globes spawn and u will be less scared to be low health sometimes, as u can predict when they will come.
    Aslong as u use loh weapons,u won't ever be able to farm fast, safe.
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    farming act 3 as a monk 50k dps with less than 600 resists is a bit painful but doable and a matter of playstyle

    I myself have 770 resists and 60k dps
    some mobs are still painful(phase beasts with shielding) and so on

    But good thread, you did a good job with the AH searching!
    +1 for you
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    Detailed and informative post with "u" and "i" instead of "you" and "I"

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    my writing is ghetto is think language, as words pop in my mind. My main point is, u can do high dps by buying the right items and being lucky on checkin ah at the right moment. if u check the ah daily, sooner or later u will find a good deal.

    also attackspeed is a cheaper stat then crit damage and u should focus on attackspeed items, if your poor unless u can find a better deal on crit damage items. overal u want a good balance as u need some attackspeed on items and u don't need to buy crappy items with crit damage on it, when attackspeed item could provide a much higher dps gain.

    note: do not buy an item unless it gives u 2-3k dps boost and is worth the money spend.
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    Very enlightening first-hand experience guide on AH.

    I advise not not skip too much vit on chest and pant.

    Watch out for LOH on amulet.

    Ignore vit on DPS items for the preliminary search, AS on rings and gloves of course.

    I don't know if there is any benefit for a higher min-max on MH, someone please clarify.

    Weapon price drops lately, invest more on weapon.
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    a really nice guide - thats actually pretty much how i buy items.

    though i went for no critdamage but a socket, dex and high dps on my mainhand, which is fine too. for a lot more gold i got a lot more health. some items are really cheap, too - you got lucky =) the items are reaaaaally good choices!
    i want to emphasize pickup+healthglobe heal to support your healing and save A LOT of money on life on hit. if you have like 37k dps, pickup-heal and burst well, you have enough heal to farm act2 really easy (thats where i started with it)
    its amazing heal - you can and maybe should skip LoH for cheap! (works in act3 too, ofc) for me it was THE money saver :)

    again: really nice guide
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    Agree 100%.

    I missed my brace not because of the 6CC but it comes with 12k +life to globe; yet it has served its purpose - it gave me first hand experience how things could be turned around for someone with below par gear struggling at A3.

    Blizzard has replaced the system of potion by life globe drop, which is a fundamental part of the game, especially for average beginner players. It helped me to think about other life sustain elements, DPS, resistance and armor, the play philosophy and mechanics.

    Along with AH, which is another addition not found in D2, we have to make the best use of it.
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    i hope people understand by reading this, that if they make sure their core items are very good and cheap. they can also get damage items cheap by buying less perfect ones. 2 items could provide the same dps but 1 is cheap and has no vit or resist and the other one cost 50 mill.

    u don`t wanne get in troubles having too low resist or vitality, thats why your core items are very important.

    if i can log in and find items very cheap, then it shouldnt be that hard to find good items over a weeks time if u know what your looking for. On rings u can make very good deals since not everyone values +- damage and this is equal to dexterity. if your low on money try to find items with no dex but very high +- stats and it will as good as with dex.

    the problem with damage items is that everyone probably looks for all the good stats, everyone wants resist and vit on their items. the problem is that there a few items like this and will be very expensive. if u can skip stats like vit and res on items, u will have the same dps on items but very cheap.

    but this tactic only works if u gear correctly with your core items. if u buy sucky core items then u will limit yourself as u wont be able to skip vit or resist that make high dps items cheap.

    im playing without loh now since my dps is 60k+ and using a twohander which doesnt scale with loh well anyway so its useless. i started the game as a 12k dps monk when i completed inferno, all my items had no vit but just dex and resists. and alot of loh.
    if u play decent good and use your cooldowns not too fast as your damage increases u will see that loh is not a needed stat. Unless u like groupplay then i would recommand keeping a backup amulet with loh since things die slower so u need to hp regain.

    also crit chance is very important, try to stay near the max values, having 3percent more crit makes a big difference, sweeping winds just does so much damage. make sure to always get up sweeping winds fast versus elites and without it your damage is kinda sucky even when having high dps. sweeping winds is the elite killer and u want to max that crit chance.
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    removed, added on top hehe
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    I think that I rather go with more ress then dmg. Atleast if you can play with a friend wich is a high dps. But otherwise good information if you would like to kill a bit faster and don't have that load amount of cash...
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    I run with just 300 res, and its not an issue. Life steal reign supreme.
    Currently played toon:
    Profit: Flipping/Sniping: 6577€
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    about weapons, if u have trouble surviving, u wanne check out echoing fury this weapon is amazing, it speeds up also your offhand. If u have some items with attack speed on your gear, this baby will make u imba and bring back the monk. if u have like 10% attack speed on gear which is easy to achieve this will boost your attackspeed above 2k with a 1.4 and the mace itself will be 1.8

    this is uberfast speed and scales very good with loh or lifesteal if your damage is high enough

    together with a whon kim lau its pretty nice farming.

    these weapons u can pick up for 1 million each, i picked up a won khim lau with socket for 1 mill and feels good even when the sheet damage is lower. the echoing fury doesnt need a socket but take one with crit damage on it. if u can take one with socket even better but its expensive.

    overal these legendaries are pretty cheap and even though they lack crit damage, the killing speed doesnt lack.

    if u have trouble surviving then echoing fury for 1 mill is best weapon for loh build to make u attack superfast, its insane hehe

    Going from skorn to echoing fury is quite a change hehe

    ps: it should fucing cheap now to gear for high dps with rares, everyone is buying legendaries and all these good rares are getting dirtcheap now. Even some legendaries are pretty cheap so its a good day to gear up
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