How to survive as a Monk in Inferno for under 5m

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    So I gave up my monk a while ago because I couldn't run Inferno the way I wanted (not kiting). So after acquiring some gold, I decided to build him properly so I could kill things, survive, and have fun.

    This build IS a LoH build, but with some modifications. The problem with the LoH builds I used to do was that I would always die if I stopped attacking, or I couldn't live if I faced a particularly tough champ pack. Check my profile: for the info.

    Basically, you want 1500 LoH, 1.8aps, and crit. It uses the basic cyclone build for the damage, as well as breath of heaven, and conviction. To survive you make your right click Deadly Reach with Keen Eye. This is key. Because your attack speed is so fast, you can work this into your rotation without a problem. This 50% armor boost makes it easy to jump into a mob pack and live, and if you ever need to kite a little, it's not an issue. If you really have trouble, replace Mantra of Conviction with Evasion and Hard Target.

    I only have 500 All Res, so it's up to you if you want more. All my gear was won with bids, except some 50k buyouts. If you have patience to bid, you can get decent gear. My weapons were probably the most expensive at maybe 1m each. Just wanted to let you all know, see what you think. I've never seen this exact build anywhere, so if someone has already thrown it up, sorry.

    Much of the help I got was from Modz, watch his stream at he has what you should look for on your armor and is a great monk.
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    This is useful I think. You might want to take screenshots of your gear, and maybe indicate how much you paid for each item. However the main reason for the screenshots (or at least one shot that shows your total stats) is that your armory profile gets updated everytime you change gear, so it's hard to see what exactly you got for 5 million... right now e.g. I don't see any pants, and no gems.
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    Since patch 1.04 its realy easy to build a cheap but decent gearset for a monk. U can snip realy good weps for like under 500k atm in eu ah. So many people crafted the 6prop weps and try to sell em and the market gets floated by those nice lv61/62 drops as well.
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    Why Keen Eye? To keep that armor buff up you'll have to use deadly reach constantly since it only proccs on the third strike (with 2.0 attacks you can cycle through both ability alternately of course). I'd rather stick to one spirit generator and either pick up blind to increase your sweeping wind damage by 30% constantly (use blind before casting, it takes a dps snapshot) and stop nasty elite packs from positioning (eg with fiery chains right in your face) or seven sided strike to add antother immunty spell to your arsenal and rip off a decent amount of hitpoints..

    To survive in the later acts it's imho more comfortable to use a shield for easy 8-10% crit chance and up to 20% block granting a huge bump in survivability as well (all level 60 shields got buffed to a decent block value and can have up to 300 single stats since patch - and don't forget about the possibility to get some extra resists). You can also grab some loh over jewelry, at the entry level (<100k) there are some bargain rings up with 3-4% crit, 1xx loh, some +average damage and if you're lucky a fitting resist or at least a socket.

    Surviving act 1 shouldn't be a problem with literally any gear and act 2 isn't a challenge if you know what you're doing. But surviving in act 3 is a different story and your 500 resists is the bare minimum. As you already stated, a loh build can only work if you can stand in basically everything and still don't die. But if there's an arcane sentry to dodge you might end up eating several fireballs/spears, or while standing against several phase beasts/tremors at once all your loh might not seal the deal.
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    You don't have to use deadly reach constantly at all. Because of the high attacks per second, I can get 6-9 thunderclaps in before I have to use it again, or just switch out the last attack and it's there again. with this, I go from 5500 armor to about 9000. This is really helpful for when you're going into a bigger pack, or facing down champ/elite packs. Blind is nice, but I really don't care for it. You get champs out of nasty positioning for like, 2 seconds. But if it's fire chains and fast, it doesn't really matter.

    The DPS I have right now is 22k w/ breath, but not counting conviction. You won't be 'bursting down' elites at all, even if your sweeping winds does more damage. If you have better gear, that's fine. I hate shields. I don't believe that's how monks should be played. It's not really fun.

    With keen eye, I've had an easier time with certain champ packs (molten, plagued) because it has the range so I don't have to step in their shit, or I can chill in a corner and attack until they move out and then thunderclap them.

    You say get some cheap LoH gear, but if you have less than 1200, (your rings would be <400 at 1xx) It's not going to do anything useful.


    I'm just letting people know about a new-ish build that is working for me, and is fun. How everyone plays is up to them.
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