Decent/Good Geared Monk looking for tips on improving my gear

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    Here you can see my current gear:

    I use a classic build, my passives actually are: Seize the initiative(100% of Dex goes into armor), One with everything (15 extra dodge) and One with Everything (highest res). Some of the passive in profile are not the ones mentioned because i change them for act 1 farming

    My main problem is dying to fast due to low dmg/LoH it seems. (I have 39.5k life, 860 res, 5.4k armor, 32k dmg [unbuffed], a crit of 26 [with scoundrel] and a 47% dodge chance).

    What should i change now? I cannot decide between improving my life/all ress/armor (changing my boots and my chest) or improving dmg (amu, ring, helm and weapon).

    Any advice is welcomed!

    P.S. I have tried Deadly Reach/Keen Eye, but this lowers my life steal too much, although all in all i do better with it.
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    Biggest problem you have already indentified: your hp is way too low. 30k+ is minimum I'd even consider trying to get away with, but closer to 40k that you get, the more leeway you have for reacting to bad stuff.

    As a fast fix you could upgrade the gem in your helm, and change the dex gems into Amethysts. Upgrade the gems in any case. :)

    I'd personally start with the bracers, then the helm and pants (assuming that the shoulders are still the old ones, and have already been upgraded into something better).
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    With replacing your chest+pants you could get at least 200 more vit. Another important factor as a cyclone monk is critchance of which you only have 14% now. This is too low, since you can get helm/bracers with critchance.

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    Thank you all.

    Just bought a new pair or bracers and updated by gem in the helm to 17% extra life and put 2 amethysts in my pants. Now i am up to 34.5k life.

    What are the res i need for act 3? I heard people speaking of numbers from 700 up to 1000, but i do not see any point in going in the 900s.

    P.S. Before buying my new bracers i had 19% crit chance, now i have 23% crit.
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    I went up to 980 resists before starting slowly backtracking on it. Now I'm down to 650, and with 57k damage it's still enough. You'll need to find the balance yourself by "how it feels". With enough LoH and high enough attack speed you can get away with less defensive stats, but if you can't get your hp rising fast enough, you'll need to either reduce the incoming damage (killing the mobs faster, adding armor/resistance) or increase the speed you gain life.
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    I find 40k health and 700 resists a good benchmark point. This gives you enough damage reduction & health to survive a few hits (e.g. the fire balls from molocks).

    Some people are doing fine with 35k health and 600 resists. I find the above the point where it gets comfortable for me in act 3, Elites are still tough but I don't die every time I make a small mistake.

    Others go for very high resists (900+) and/or high vit. Now, that's fine, however unless you have a lot of gold, stacking resists means less dps, so stuff takes longer to die and has more time to kill you. In the end, you want to balance your offensive and defensive stats in a way that suits your favorite play style :)
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    Thank you.

    The profile is up-to-date now.

    What should i buy next (i think pants)...
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    Looking much better. I would maybe try and get some +MS on my boots and pickup radius and +hp from globes on some of my gear. They are rather cheap affixes and make a huge difference (at least with my play style).
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    I'm Running with 570 res, 38KHp and 48K dps. i die from time to time. But thats all on me and my brainfarts..
    Different spec though,, I'm using Deadly Reach/Keen eye for armor and some range. I used to thunderclap myself into far more crap that i would like to. Don't die to that crap with DR :).
    If you still die allot, change your MoC to MoE/backlash or even more defensive the dodge rune :)

    I bet you can get decent boots with loads more Vita to.. so yeah i think pants/boots would be the way to go.
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    From what I can see, you need more crit 18% is low. Crit chance on helm + on amu (though you have a nice one), should give you around 10%+ more crit and it should yield you around 10k more dps.
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    First of all: That is +crit chance. My actual crit is higher 23%. I do agree i need more crit however.

    I will check some boots, but the extra 108 ress from my boots is quite nice.

    I do not like Deadly Reach/Keen eye because it is way to slow and it looks like a shield build mostly, but i may try it.

    Edit: I use Seize the initiative(100% of Dex goes into armor), One with everything (15 extra dodge) and One with Everything (highest res). I am thinking One with everything might be changed with something else (Near Death Experience or Resolve).
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    I have updated the first post with the current questions, gear and stats/skills/strategies.
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    u want to have as much crit chance on every piece that can have it, crit chance is the basic of a high damage build. Since it provides more cyclones, its damage u can't see on your char, but the cyclones are the best damage we can do... crit chance over anything else.

    means head, amulet and'll want an amulet with loh and crit chance on it, should not cost that much 2-3 mill.

    And u want to upgrade your weapons to pure crit damage weapons + socket. with decent weapons and a bit higher crit chance, u can easily add 15 k dps...

    u gonna want to drop resitance and gain more damage and life. Life is cheaper to gain then resistance and has the same effect. U can gain the loss of resist by adding quite a lot of health.

    most dps comes from weapons, but u need high crit chance to boost your crit damage. Most crit damage comes from weapons, thats why u wanne not take loh on weapons because u can get 80% crit damage instead.

    look for 800+ weapons with 40-80 Crit damage on it + socket and some dex. Insert 70-90% crit gem in it...get an amulet with all the good stats crit chance and 300+ loh on it.

    and offcourse get crit chance 4% is cheap on your head but single resist, u wont find double resist on helm..

    its all about doing high damage so u dont need much defenses, weapons, amulet and head is where u can add alot of damage and survival. you'll probably need about 15mill for it tho.

    use pathology damage calculator to compare items and see the damage increases it can provide. As its important to know ,spending money on item that gives little dps is stupid. U want to be sure how much an upgrade will give u to make the best buy for the gold.

    good things get sold fast, so u wanne check ah often and don't buy crap untill u find the item with the stats u want...i've seen much better helms then yours with 5.5 crit chance for 2 mill very cheap, but 2 hours laters its sold and it was early morning. So yeah looking at the ah at the right moment can get u really good items cheap.
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    Hey! Great monk (great armor btw)..

    Im a cold monk too, I can solo or group all acts in inferno (molten and fire chains may cause trouble)...

    May be hepful:

    Bout skills, see mine spirit generator.. the best for LOH... I tryed myself, all others spiritis generators suck at LOH..

    And let me know if u ever sell that armor :)
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