Inferno Act 2/3 Monk gear/stat advise!

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    Hi Guys! I'm a monk currently at Inferno Act 2/3 and would appreciate if I could get some feedback on my gear/stats in order to improve my character! I know my gear is pretty awful so feel free to rip it apart

    Thanks :)


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    More all resist, more LoH (zero is just unacceptable), More Dodge, more Crit chance, more block chance, more dex, more hp. Get a fist/dagger. The only thing you have that is even kinda correct is armor, and even that should be higher.
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    With shield, you should aim for at least 7-8k armor without buff.
    Invest 1-2m on Ouroboros amulet (300 ish life per hit) or Blackthorne if you have the gold.
    Try to look for crit chance on gloves and bracers without sacrificing dex and resists.
    I saw some nice rings in AH (70+ Dex, all resist, (light, cold, psn, etc) resist, + crit chance) for 50k -1m.
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