Monk Build sustain+mobility = High DPS

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    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

    This is the build that I'm confident will give me the lowest downtime through out the game.
    Note: This build is focused around the leveling phase therefore I haven't brought the level 50+ skills and runes. The highest level you need to be to have this build is 45 for the Passive (One with everything) Which I find priceless.!UYd!abbZaa

    Activated skills:

    Fists of Thunder+Thunderclap

    I wouldn't trade this skill for anything. It allows me to hit a target constantly therefore lowering my downtime.

    Dashing Strike+Quicksilver
    Lowering my time between packs is essential in my build. This will let me get to new packs further away when Fists of thunder can't reach. Even letting me catch up with does demon huntards.

    Breath of Heaven+ Blazing Wrath(Though I could be talked into choosing serenity aswell But I like the 15% more dmg)
    Healing with only 15 seconds cooldown+ giving me 15 % more dmg Like a Baws.

    Sweeping Wind+Blade Storm
    AOE buff that's on almost all the time when we focus on lowered downtime. Best part is that its extra dmg while we spam the crap out of fists of thunder.

    Seven-Sided Strike+Sudden Assault
    An insane nuke on several minions while teleporting:) . This and Sweeping Wind is what our spirit is going to be spend mostly on.

    Mantra of Evasion+Hard Target
    Giving me 15 % chance to dodge + 20 % armor = sustain. The rune backlash is insane but for lvl 58.

    Passive Skills:
    One with everything
    No reason to discuss this. Essential after normal difficulty.

    Giving me sustain. You can discuss this passive though because I have no Idea how much dexterity we are going to get or how much crit. Therefore you can discuss Seize the Initiative and Sixth Sence.

    The Guardian's Path
    15% More dodge. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

    Discussable passive skills:

    I like this passive. but for example if your fighting a lot of ranged this skill won't help you much where I think the other builds are more adaptable.

    Guding Light.
    Guiding Light in my opinion is better than Combination Strike Because Combination strike only provides 8% dmg increase. Where Guiding Light gives me 16% and yeah Im going to spam heal every 15 seconds anyway and yes I am going to level up together with people.

    Probably other passive skills that are good but more depended on different fights/Boss fights where different tactics are going to be implementet.

    Feedback is more than welcome guys.
    Love you're honey Liberated.
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    Is this build designed for solo or group play?

    It looks like a decent build. I'm sure it will work out well for you.

    My only advice would be to lose Dash and pick up another generator like CW. I understand your reasoning behind wanting Dash but having FoT with Thunderclap makes Dash kind of redundant and a waste of a skill slot. Also, since you will likely be using fast dual wield weapons (synergy with FoT) you may want to consider switching Guardian's Path with Sixth Sense. As your dex continues to rise, so will your crit chance. It will likely be higher than the 15% that Guardian's Path gives you.
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    Quote from UrDum

    Is this build designed for solo or group play?

    My only advice would be to lose Dash and pick up another generator like CW
    you may want to consider switching Guardian's Path with Sixth Sense

    This build is mostly for duo play with a Demon Hunter and in open beta I found my self having trouble keeping up without dash. Though I agree with you that another generator which should be AOE would be great.
    if you get atleast 15 % dodge from sixth sense I would lose Transcendence instead and get sixth sense, But still 45 % crit is needed to get 15 % dodge and that still seem a lot even in high level.

    But everything is uncertain right now, hopefully we will become wiser when Diablo III finally arrives :)
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