Hexing pants of Mr Yan

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    Hey guys and girls.

    I need a little bit of a favor and they involve these pants, a few sentries and abit of your time.

    I plan to play some sort of sentry build in the expansion but at present i am having no luck with obtaining the legendaries i want on the ptr. These pants look pretty fab and as i'm always on the move they might just fit the bill.

    If anyone has a pair of these pants could you try and test them and see if they work with sentries.

    Many many thanks.
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    I managed to drop some tonight. while my sheet strangely shows 156% regen while moving and 56% ressource regen standing still, my dps is increased and decreased by 25% as the item says.

    For the sentries it works but it doesn't snapshot if it's what you expected. Basically if you move the sentry is buffed, you're rooted they are debuffed as well.

    edit: I get around 60 hatred from health globe with blood vengeance so the +56% regen when moving is real
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    yey finally an answer and that will do perfectly.

    Many thanks for info.

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