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    what sort of stats should i be looking for on gear for mp5 ++ and what is the best build iv only just come back to the game after months of and looking for some advise thanks

    btw i have about 300mil to spend on gear ideas please
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    A few months ago, I asked the same thing, and we ended up with a nice long discussion of builds gears and all sorts of nonsense.

    If not for the report I have to write on now, I would have more time for a better answer. :)
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    The chicken above me might hate me for what im saying.

    In terms of spec the dh is kinda limitied for higher mps. The hatred regen skills are basicly kinda weak in terms of edps on higher mp compared to any other popular classes/skillbuilds. In other words archon wizzards, bat docs, monks and barbs are the better demon hunters. Sad but true. But enough ranting now. :P

    I would recommand a basic build centering on rapid fire:!eX!ccbZY

    For the last slot on your bar you can use smokescreen, prep, marked for death, spike traps(echoing blast rune) or maybe sentries.. What ever fits your needs/playstyle the most. For the 3rd passive slot its mostly a choice between perfectionist(more ehp) or vengeance(better disc/hatred regen)

    In terms of gear their are a few common options. On a 300mil budget i would how ever go for:

    - High dex with vit roll non crit mempo
    - 2pc Inna┬┤s(Chest and pants)
    - 2pc nats(boots and ring)
    - Vile Wards for shoulders
    - high dex/vit(+250/250) dml with 19ias and 9,5%(those are pretty cheap nowadays)
    - witching hour with dex and either vit or all res.
    - 1 socket manticore. On lower budgets the 2 socket manticores are mostly not worth it.

    I would aim for:

    - approx 50k HP (incl. amethyst for the helm)
    - approx 400 all res
    - as much dps you can get for your gold

    A rule of thumb when building a set: Get your HP and resist from the middle line of your gear + shoulders and bracers! Rings, gloves and amulet are supposed to boost your dps as much as affordable. Spend like 30% of your budget for the weapon and quiver, 50% for the armor and like 20% for gems. Try to buy a radiant star emerald for your weapon. If you cant afford them for your armor its no big deal. Even star gems are fine at the beginning. Gems could always upgraded later on. Its mostly a waste of gold to buy small upgrades later on just bcuz you wanted the best gems for your armor and thus cant buy a better item stats wise.
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    ^You dont need vault, its a wasted skill on a rapid fire build. The point of rapid fire is to not move often as every time you have to rechannel you waste more hatred and discipline by having to recast gloom. The mandatory skills are:

    Rapid fire- Bombardment
    Bat companion
    Shadow power Gloom
    Preparation - Punishment or back up plan

    If you go 4 piece nats, you should go punishment as you wont have any discipline issues. Going punishment means you'll really never run out of hatred so you dont even need a generator. If you go the standard mempo route, then run Back up plan for the Discipline.

    That leaves 2 optional skills. I like Smoke screen as it allows to me to just and there and not to have break my channel against charging bulls, frozen and molten explosions, etc.

    Caltrops- bait the traps is an option as well as you're just standing in one spot so the dps buff from crit is nice.

    Guardian sentry if you want some extra mitigation. As again you're just standing in one spot when you're dishing out damage.

    Passive wise, Night stalker and archery are the main ones. The 3rd is optional. Perfectionist for extra ehp is the usual choice. If you run bait the trap you can always run cull of the weak passive for some more damage. I dont like Steady Aim much for solo play. Just really doesn't work out well in practice.

    Keeping your attack speed low will allow you to channel longer. It doesnt really matter against trash mobs since you wont have to really reposition and with large hordes Nightstlaker will quickly refill your discipline. But against elites, where they can fear you, freeze, force you to move, etc, it'll quickly eat up hatred and discipline, having a low attack speed really helps. You can always use a generator of course but that's just inefficient as the generators do a lot less dps than rapid fire.

    For an efficient RF set up you basically just want to stand there and tank everything and keep channeling rapid fire. Any time you have to move, kite, reposition, its inefficient.
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    Yeah forgot about the mob density. ;) Im just used to play monk and breze thru them. Im still kinda sad. i cleared inferno the first time pre nerfs with my dh and had so much fun back then. Now its just sad when i log on my dh and put the gear from my monk on it and blow the dust from my manticore. :( After like 10mins i just put the gear back in stash and remember the goo ol times. :)
    Words of wisdom: Don't follow the advice of people who won't have to deal with the consequences.
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    great advice by shinna and rasalgethi.

    just to add tho, I think with bombardment builds preparation is actually not mandatory at all. nightstalker does so well regarding disc regen, even vs single targets enough RF crit chance lets you almost perma gloom (not that that's even necessary with enough EHP). nats 4 piece does give you punishment as an option tho... personally I would still stick to a generator, but use another disc-spender (caltrops or smoke screen). in any event, if you do use a generator I would really suggest you give grenades - tinkerer a try, it takes about 2-3 seconds to refill all hatred.
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