250M budget,Needz the upgrades help plx ?!

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    Good day diablo 3 fans,

    Got a question about my awesome demon huntress, I have like 250m to spent and need some help already read some guides etc etc.

    But i am person who likes a real life persons opinion that is why im making this post to get feed back and why its the best choice to upgrade my gear.

    Here is my awesome link too my demonhuntress!!

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    Your gear looks pretty good right now.
    The only things that you could upgrade would be the naty ring, amulet and gloves.
    What a lot of people undervalue a lot is the avarage dmg, which gives you a huge dps boost.
    On natty ring get: avarage dmg, dex and CHD
    On amulet get: avarage dmg, dex, CHD > 90%, CHC >9%
    Gloves look nice, but with IAS would be even better.
    Also, get better gems. The top ones are expensive, but it's a good investment.
    Once your gear gets better, the gems will scale up really nice.
    Also, the belt that you have is not really good. Get a inna's belt. You can get a really nice one for 50-70m.
    Mind one thing, when you will link one to yourself from the AH, it will probably show a dps loss, because it doesn't take into account the elemental dmg from it, or the 130 dex set bonus. But when you will actually equip it, you will gain around 7-10k dps over the witching hour that you have.
    You can /w me in game if you have any more quations :-)
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    yo man,

    yea i was already thinking about that..... too upgrade my ring.

    when i see you online i will indeed whisper you ingame.

    thnx for the information, helped me out a lot.

    But wont i lose too much CHD if i get a inna's belt, cause my belt is pretty good but its more a barb belt.
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    Your hellfire ring, for sure.

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    I can see some soft spots on your armory, that could improve a lot spending not so much.

    Your Andariel's Visage can improve on attack speed and fire damage taken (9% and 5% in this order).

    You do have very nice boots, stick with them. :) But the Nat's Ring is not that good. I got one on my dh you can use as a reference for greater DPS. (My check on D3UP tells me you loose 12k EHP, but gain 6KDPS, so you could search for one with AllRes and Vit also).

    If you change your Ruby Gem from yout Manticore to another Emerald Gem, you'll gain another 1.5KDPS. If you can change your manticore for a bigger one (1200+DPS plus 2 sockets) that would be a great improvement also.

    I like your shoulders, bracers, boots, Withching Hour and Dead Man's Legacy. I don't think you should mess with them by now. Focus on the Helm, Ring and Manticore (gems or new weapon).

    And please use an online calculator like D3UP to simulate gains. You are on the mid-mid-upper tier of gear, so any move is expensive and must be thought through.

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    Thnx for the info, but i adjusted already a few gear items, still learning how to improve everything overall.

    have to learn how this D3UP works atm im very confused.
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    Your DH is very solid, but if I was you I would buy a Witching Hour. Or a better Innas belt, yours have only 7% holy damage. Get one with 8%, but I would recommend you a Witching Hour with dex, 40 AR and 60 vitality. You can snipe them at a really good price if you're patient.
    You could try crafting a better amulet of bracers. Get one that has dex, vit, ar and 5~6 critical hit chance. I'm also trying to improve at this two spots.
    Then your Natalya's ring. You could try to get one that has critical hit chance and high average damage.
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    question about the nats ring is that included CC chance and high avg dmg AND CD or is that without ?
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    Quote from Kakascii

    Thnx for the info, but i adjusted already a few gear items, still learning how to improve everything overall.

    have to learn how this D3UP works atm im very confused.

    Hi Kakascii, as I said on the private conversation, I'm going to post some tips for using D3UP here, so you can move by yourself.

    The main function of D3UP for you at the moment is the Simulate Gear tab. So, you click on the "Gear Button" and them on the "Simulate Gear" button:

    Them you select the item you want to simulate:

    D3UP will open a window for you with YOUR gear stats:

    Select the stats you want to simulate. On the below simulation I changed your Ring for mine, by adding the Minimum-Maximum Damage of my ring, changing the Dexterity value and removing the Critical Hit Damage of your ring. And D3UP simulated what happened with your stats:

    Let's run an analysis line by line:

    Dexterity: You would lose 1 point.
    Vitality: You would lose 91 points, roughly 9% of your Vitality.
    Critical Hit Damage: You would lose 30.
    Minimum Damage: You would gain 12 (55% more);
    Life Regen: You would gain 42 more HP / second;

    DPS: Huge loss of 4.5kDPS. This is one of the most important stats.

    Max Damage: You would gain 56.
    HP: You would lose 4.3kHP, the same 9% you lost with Vitality (there's a direct connection between Vit and HP);
    EHP (Effective Hit Points): Also a big loss, 19kEHP.

    For me the most important items are DPS and EHP. You would lose both if you changed your ring for mine. So, it's not a good choice.

    You can simulate one item at a time or several changes. And at the end, D3UP gives you this nice summary view of your stats. But if you click again on the "Simulate Gear" button after you ran all the simulations, D3UP uses the new simulated gear to generate its tabs/status, so you can see the impact of all the changes you've made.

    This is very useful when deciding to buy an expensive item.
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