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    With the release of 1.0.7 I found myself wanting to farm Higher MP's to try out the exp gain. I tried out alot of Diff builds before I came up with the one I am currently running. Now I am no expert in the art of writing guides but I do get alot of questions from fellow Demon hunters about my farming build so I am going to go ahead and Try to explain it a little. Before I start please note this build is fully customizable to each persons play style, and that I am in no way a master of English so yes there will be grammar errors that I will try to fix. Below is a Link to the build.


    I am going to try to briefly explain a few of the choices that may seem like odd choices.

    First off Grenades- Cluster Grenades. This is an amazing Discipline Generater aswell as nice AOE damage for large packs. Cluster Grenades produces so many small explosions that can crit that my Discipline bar rarely goes under 75%. I Tried useing Bola shot for a while but never was to keen on its delay in damage, though some may find it more useful.

    Chakram- Shuriken Cloud. The build is a facetank build. With that said alot of mobs are going to be in melee range. Shuriken Cloud gives you a little extra Damage aswell as another Key capability. Shuriken Cloud can snap shot Gloom giving you 15% lifesteal with the ability and save you during chain freezes from annoying frozen Packs.

    Perfectionist. I Take this passive mostly because I have low AR. You can probably swap out of this if you have geared your Demon Hunter more Defensively.

    As stated before, this build is purely a face tank build used to farm High MPs with ease. There are alot of abilities that can be swapped out for skills you may find more useful. I Have tried running Guardians Turret In place of Prep myself becuase I almost Never use it being I generate so much discipline from Grenades. Hope this Short and Simple guide helps out a few of you that want to try high MP farming, or for people who just want to try something Different. Once again sorry for errors in grammar and thank you for reading.
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    After reading this, I decided to throw on some gear on my stripped DH from the AH for around 1m. Switched out Preparation for Sentry. Having fun trying out something different :-)

    It appears Shuriken Cloud doesn't snapshot the lifesteal from Gloom? Was this fixed or?

    Thanks for sharing the build!
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    Last I checked it was still working. I will be sure to check this afternoon when US Servers come back up.
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    I spent a lot of time playing with a grenade build which I found it very efficient for solo key and ubbers farming at higher mp.
    I played around with Shuriken Cloud in the build but I didnt find it to be a very usefull skill, the damage was disapointing.

    The bonus from the boar companion and its ability to tank (depending on the affixes though) or the guardian turret, tank wise, proved to be way more interesting to my char and made it tank like a truck than the Shuriken Cloud.
    Combined with maximus on the sorc, you're less likely to be focused by all mob and makes your life easyer.

    The DPS gain of Shuriken is just not worth the tankyness you'll loose from other skills (at least it wasn't for my char ^^).
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    Thanks for the input about Shuriken Cloud. I have tried Boar and Guardian Turret aswell, and found them both to have their usefullness. My reasoning behind shuriken cloud is for the in your face play style. I will admit the damage is subpar, seeing maximum critts of 80k from my 215ish k dps, but at the same time it has kept me alive through chain freezes where as Guardian's Turret has gotten me killed on reflect packs. Like I said the build is very customizable and very fun with seeing lots and lots of numbers. I may try giving Boar a try again to see if the added resistance makes a difference but as of now I really dont have problems with health facetanking spamming gloom.
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    Its true that the Turret can be anoying on reflect dammage when you're running away or heading to a health globe low hp ^^ got me killed couple of time :D
    I agree with you though very very fun build to play ^^
    I'll give a try to the added life regen Shuriken can give while cced,
    I'm not playing with vault so I'm used to being CC when cornered and so far traps were enough to save me from a certain death but I'll try :P
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    chain of torment is another alternative to shuriken cloud
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    i just thought i'd chime in here, and let you guys know that after patch 1.0.7, you shouldn't be taking damage from pets, in reguards to reflect damage packs... they changed it so the damage they deal doesn't get reflected to the player. Otherwise, it's an interesting build, and something i think i'd like to look into, as i mostly play a WD and was kicking around gearing my DH for some farming. Thanks!

    P.S. can you post up your profile so i can see what type of gear you're using? do you use anything with + to grenage damage?
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    Sorry, havent been on the forums for a couple of days. Ill post a link to my profile below. I change builds alot lately testing out a few things for Ubers setups so It may or may not have my grenades build going at any giving moment.

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