DH - How viable is dual wield atm?

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    Im kinda bored of my manticore and the cookie cutter lightningball spec. So, how viable is dual wield atm on higher MP's? I might wanne give it a try.

    I have the following questions about it:

    -What kind of damage range on weapons is needed? (Calamity / Danetta's Spite) (ofc with sockets etc)
    -How important is offhand dps?
    -What spec do you use?
    -Stats on gear (in what order to pick? (AS-CC-CD)

    Please, post your findings about dual wielding so I can decide to give it a try or not. Thanks in advance!

    Sorry for my bad english :)
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    Dun really know but what you can do is downlad the DH Spreadsheet over here http://www.diablofans.com/topic/46517-demon-hunter-dps-calculator/ and check for your self. At the bottom right is "Single Wield vs Dual Wield" comparison. Good luck!
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    My dh uses dual wield xbows but i cant really go on high mp since my gear wont allow it. It's pretty heavily gear dependent.

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    DW is viable, but not as easy as Xbow & quiver. The biggest issue is that chances are you loose 200 odd vita from not having a quiver.
    Calamity & Danettas Spite is the most common route, but a decent rare with dex, crit damage & a socket is getting there. If I use my 10xx dps 2 soc manticore I gain about 25k dps, and a bundle load of vita from DML.
    I run with just over 200k dps with a legacy nat set and run MP5 for keys with very few issues, but above this takes a long time. I run ubers on MP7 or 8, in a group, but DHs dont scale very well at higher MPs regardless of set up.
    Personally I would only attempt higher MP with a DH as a 'challenge' as it is far far from efficient. I'd you want to run MP 10, use a barb.

    Btw- off hand is just as important as the main hand, attacks vary from one to the next, and dps shown on the character screen is an average if the two.
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    Id say perfectly viable.
    If it is what u enjoy most, then there is no question. Go for it.
    It has more good outcoms I would say

    -you can have life steal/loh on both weapons, thus more
    -crit dmg on both weapons, thus definitely more then just on 1 (even then 2 sock manticore)

    ^(to somebody up)and who said u cant roll more then 200vit on a wpn?

    Really there is nothing wrong with it. When I was playing dh I enjoyed it, and thats it. Also you might find it alot cheaper then 2h+quiver but thats just my guess, not playing dh anymore. Good luck :P
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    TL;DR answer: It's perfectly viable, just much more expensive.
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    It is fun and worth the time looking for the 1h's in the ah. Might take a few days to find what u r looking for took me about 2 weeks to find mine. And I would go for ias then chc. And that all depends on how your gear is set up now ie leg nats or mep build. It might be a whole gear swap
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    I really wanna try a DW spec as well. Thank you for the spreadsheet!
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