Is Preparation - Battle Scars limited?

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    I'm leveling a DH (actually on lvl 50) and I found a rare behaviour on Preparation with Battle Scars rune yesterday.

    It happened twice that being at around 1/4 HP left, I hit Preparation and I didn't really recover many HP, so I was wondering if the 60% you should get with Battle Scars rune is limited in some way. The healing sensation yesterday for Preparation was more or less like Templar's Guardian skill, that its great at low levels because you don't have much HP, but as you get more and more HP it really doesn't heal you much.

    Any clue if this rune has been changed by latest patch? DIdn't see anything about it...
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    Depending on where you were farming, there are mobs out there that place a debuff on you that reduces your healing. Possibly you had that debuff?
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