DHs! Can I get a price check on this Dead Man's Legacy?

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    Main a monk and have no real insight to that of other classes. Much thanks in advance!
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    no discipline and bola shot isn't used often, so price, just check for ones with dexterity. But this isnt worth million
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    Price check?
    Hmm... 3293 gold.
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    Even with max roll ias?
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    This is definitely worth something, a lot for someone, not much for others. This will not be the top of the line item because it lacks, as mentioned before, some important stats such as discipline, however, it should definitely yield you nice amount of $ due to high IAS which is now the only way to get it up at the original item budget costs.

    I dont dare to put a price tag on it but you can always try to put big range between starting bid and buy out or simply put it on Ah without buy out at all, with higher starting price.
    You can also check other forums for price checks on similar items.

    Or you can donate it to me if you are in Europe :)
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    To someone sensible buying it - its probably worth 2M. If it had crit chance and + disc and elementar arrow mod that thing would be worth A LOT.But you can get still get a decent amount if you get lucky just because it has the legendary tag on it - specially on the RMAH since most people buying there dont have the time/patience to research the proper price and will pay anything cause of the legendary tag on it.
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    Is not a bad item but not the best one...however it worth something, like someone said before start asking for 2M and see how it goes...
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    ya 2m start seems reasonable
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    After the IAS Nerf maybe 2 mio should be possible, but there are much better yellow ones at AH, my has 120 dex, 15 % ias, 8,5 crit and 5 disv and only
    cost me 300k
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    As others have mentioned, lack of Disc and a +dmg to something worth while (hungering or elemental). Dex and high IAS is nice but doesn't make up for the mentioned shortcomings. 1-2m to start, feel lucky if you can sell it for any more. Then again, there's a lot of misinformed DHs out there so....gl on your sale.
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    Thanks for the info everyone
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