Demon Hunter build :)

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    This is my build. I am not a pro or something like that so i asume it won't be so good, but u can check it out and rate it :D Thank you :)!cdT
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    lol u serious? u must be a troll.

    For starters you have Cull of the weak but no Slow down Skill?
    Second u have Grenadier but no Grenades?
    and third you wont need fundamentals...

    Please try again or be serious...
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    this is the build i would have!gcS!baaccc

    You will notice that-

    Hungry arrow will generate my hatred. With the added pierce i should get Hatred up really quick.
    Rapid fire is the boss killer move that slows the boss (cull of the weak and mark of death will help too).
    Multishot is my AoE that also regenerates my Disc so i can keep shadow power up.
    Shadow power for the increased attack speed and dodge. I may change the rune if need be.
    Sentry gun for added firepower although at higher difficulties i may have to change to a defensive skill.
    and lastly mark of death for extra dmg. This can also be changed out for a defensive skill.

    This build is for PVE and will be used with groups hence why i dont have Vault or evasive fire as i shouldnt be getting hit much.

    Let me know what u think.
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    You have no idea how much I wish there was a "Hungry Arrow" skill.
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    Here is mine:!hgT

    I intend to have a DH as my first character.
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    I'm not too sure if this post was serious but it lacks synergies from other talents. I don't know of many players that would use spike traps or regular basic attacks as hatred generator.

    Secondly, having both Rapid Fire and Rain of Vengeance may not be optimal. It may look awsome, however Rapid fire does not pierce mobs unless you use a rune for it and Rain of vengeance is very costly in hatred. May I suggest using a different Hatred Generator..possibly Entangling Shot with the Indigo Rune Stone which is "Chain Gang", this links up 6 targets. At this point you can link them, Vengeance, Link them to build..then Rapid them down.

    May Grahf be with you.
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