Paragon points on a Crusader

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    I was just wondering, how do you plan to spend your paragon points when starting your fresh Crusader?
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    At level 70, cap movement speed and then go for strength. For the offense I will go for most likely crit dmg, as it is the highest damage provider. After that for either crit chance or attack speed, depending on the damage and spec. For defense, most likely armor > resist all, as you should be able to get up to 10k armor unbuffed, and for the utility I haven't decided yet, but most likely area damage or resource cost reduction over the others.
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    Same for me i think. ^_^

    Core: Strength / Movement Speed

    Offensive: CC / CHD

    Defensive: Life / All Resist

    Utility: Resource Cost Reduction / Area Damage
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    Core: MS

    Offense: AS initially for 2H+Shield

    Others - as needed
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    Strength and maybe movement speed if I feel like I need it badly.

    Depending on spec I think I'll go either Cooldown reduction and CC or CC/CD.

    Armor/allres obviously

    Depending on my survivability either LoH and Area damage or Area damage and Cost reduction, probably the former.
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    I figure

    Core: Strength

    Offense: CDR

    Defense: Life per second

    Utility: Area Damage

    All of that combined with a defensive tank spec and I should be pretty unkillable, while still being able to farm well. With my Hellfire ring and other gear stored up for leveling I'll dive right into probably master and try to hit 70 ASAP :D
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    Since the crusader can actually reach 10000 armor + easily, the % armor is actually his better defensive stat, the higher your base armor is the best it will become. Unless your AR on gear is abnormally low. All resist cap for paragon is 250, 10000 armor gives you 2500 armor. If you go beyond 10000 armor, the stats actually gives you more.

    Life per second is average and only become better the less damage you take, therefore their point are lesser until you max armor and resist. % life is a waste because it actually reduce the effectiveness of stats like life per second compared to armor and all resist. Block mechanism is also scaling much better with flat reduction of damage, since the less damage you take, the more your block matter, eventually blocking the full damage of hits with enough reduction.

    The only class that life % is a big help to is the DH, due to most of their viable healing sources are currently based on % of HP, AR still being the first one to max.
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    I always consider what gear and balance I have before throwing points in a bucket. However, rough estimate is:

    Core: Some sort of ratio between Vit and Str

    Offense, Defense, and Utility: Whatever is lacking in my gear for a balanced character according to my build.
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