Returning Barbarian needs some help

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    Hey guys,

    when Diablo 3 was release I played it a lot but quitted it after some time I didn't progressed with my Barbarian any longer.

    Now I want to go back to Sanctuary and smash some monsters back to hell but I don't really know where to start.

    I need a suitable build for my Barbarien to farm me up to Paragon 100 and to get some usable equipment as well as a good farming spot.


    Anyone so kind?
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    This a big project, unfortunately I can't see a single piece of gear that is worth keeping.

    What's your budget? WW/Rend is pretty much the best build for levelling these days!ZYg!aZZZYc

    I'd suggest you read this and then post back with questions.
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    Yeah your gear is really outdated... If you want to buy everything then your best option is to invest like 10-30$ worth of gold.

    You can probably try farming mp 0 but i think you are too weak for that... I mean, it will take you a while to kill anything so it wouldn't exactly be farming.

    Are you on EU or US? If you are on EU i can probably spare a few items that can get you started... Let me know if you are interested.
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    Thank you guys.
    I will get through the guides in the coming days.

    I'm not interested in using any cent of real money to buy equipment ingame, but I have 15k Gold :D

    Diablo Fan I would gladly accept your offer.
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    Honestly, the best way for you to get gear and level up at the same time is to join someones DC run (Decaying Crypt MP10). Yes, you will feel squishy. but you will blaze through the paragon system and get good drops. Make sure you research what a DC run is before jumping into one (you can Piss off the preppers if you F-up) I would allow you to drop in but I'm on US server. Just a heads up, when you join MP10 farming No one will res you. It takes too long and there is a high probability of them dying in the process.

    I can probably even budget build your set for you. But, server and time zone issues.

    Also, you can either WW/rend or HotA. Either way they are all the same builds. Why? Because all current Barb builds rely on WoTB and Battle Rage. So enjoy "Thrive on Chaos" while you can.
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    Sounds interesting but why should someone let me in their DC run when I can't add anything to it?
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    I don't know but add me Jamoose#2376 And i'll try logging in today and see if i can help.
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    Don't add Jamoose, he's a pain in the ass to deal with.
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    I suggest watching my newest video. I build a mp 7-10 barb on 2million gold . I talk about what gears good now a days and prices of each items.
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