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    Hey there!

    After reading a lot of topics on this forum in the past week i have managed to get my barbarian from 60k Damage at PL-0 to a 130k unbuffed Damage at PL-19.

    However, im not sure where do i go gear-wise from now... what next move will improve my hero the most?
    I can solo MP5 fairly easy but anything above that is a bit of a struggle (My goal is to solo MP10 smoothly on all acts and reach atleast 250k Damage unbuffed - note that im not a high budget player, atm got 25M gold and a few MIL bids on my auctions)

    My Profile:

    Str: 2299
    Damage (With Battle Rage): 156k
    All resist (With War Cry): 719
    HP: 40k
    Life steal 8.6% - i know its high but i seem to die wiithout it quite a bit
    Critical Hit Chance (With Battle Rage): 51.5%
    Critical Hit Damage: 481%
    APS: 1.3 - Using a 2 handed Skorn

    Any input will be appreciated!
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    Shameless bump :)

    Thanks again
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    First of all, soloing mp 10 "smoothly" as you suggested requires alot more than ~20m gold so just wanted to point that out.

    Now, you seem to be stacking on IAS (rings, lacuni, etc) which is very nice in theory since you use skorn and it's slow and all, but you need alot more strength on your items and getting that along with trifecta will cost you alot. So my first suggestion would be to lose the trifecta rings and get rings with STR + VIT + AR + CC + CD. these rings can be quite cheap.

    Your Skorn is a bit low on the dps and not to mention the gems you got on your Skorn and armor are quite bad so this is another place for improvement.

    It will be hard to replace Andariel's visage since it gives such a dps boost but it lacks EHP stats like AR and %Life. Obviously, getting a crit mempo will be awesome but that is out of your budget i'm afraid.

    You got too much life steal to be honest. I'd lose the LS skorn and get one with like ~1400 dps, high str and ~180% CD. You can use the Bloodthirst passive (Instead of brawler) and it will be more than enough along with your IK belt.

    Your amulet is nice but you need one with CD too.

    Your shoulders and gloves are quite nice.

    Rend is the most awesome skill for survivability. I would replace Warcry with Rend (Bloodlust rune if you change the LS skorn, Lacerate rune if you keep it).

    Good luck.
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    Thanks alot for the input, ill try to make it happen!

    My gems are a result of self crafting so things come a bit slow... (getting the designs and the mats).

    The gloves, amulet and shoulders i've crafted myself - i really prefer crafting and gathering materials than counting on drops..

    Ill try to roll withou War cry but the Fury and the protection really help, i dont know why but i feal squishy as hell without my high LS and AR.
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    You should really consider changeing to DW, especially if you want to stick with WW build.

    -Get EF with ls sox str ~1000dps price ~100m
    If you stick with WW:
    -Get a high DPS Mace with sox CD str (vit?). spend around 150m here, higher dps is better than higher stat values here, because of rltw uses mh dmg
    If you want to do ubers with hota:
    -around 1000dps mace MH high stats str CD sox maybe vit if you lack vit.

    Sell ur trifecta rings. try to craft a hellfire with atleast crit on it, and buy a 40+avgdmg 70+str/vit 40+cd 4+CC ring or perhaps a good unity or a nice Litany for ubers

    Get a 6cc lacunis with 70+ str or vit

    Please note that you need around 40k+ hp. You can save alot of money if you get vit instead str on some parts as gem costs are almost the same for ame/ruby...

    Craft amus like hell you need at least 7+CC+50+CD

    You will need to aim 2.5 aps BP at this gear level i think, keep that in mind while you are spending you gold

    from 300 mill you can get an upgrade to a pretty similar to my barb and i do mp10 smoothly with 182k dps

    I hope this make sense:)

    /e keep brawler, 5+ ls is plenty
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    You can keep the Skorn, just use Rend. It's basically a must. It will cover for the loss of survivability from changing Warcry. Whirlwind + Rend is a very solid build. As i said before, you can get rid of the LS Skorn and get one without LS but like 200 more DPS. Again, Rend (With Bloodlust) will cover up for that.
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    Some important observations:

    A) You are paragon 25 and are running with no Hellfire ring and a helm without socket. By maxing out paragon you gain 225 str and 150 vit (not to mention the MF), so obviously you want to do that as fast as possible.

    B ) You are low on life (40k) which you obviously have noticed since you are socketing amethysts in your chest/boots.

    Considering your budget I suggest the following:

    1) Get a Hellfire ring ASAP. Any random str Hellfire will do for now. Good rolls will include CC, CD or average dmg, or some defensive bonus like vit, % life, armor, resists. If you are running solo make sure to get one for your follower as well (give the follower a badly crafted one, it still gives you 7% more XP).

    2) Replace the Andariel helm for an IK helm, this will give you an automatic socket. Basically any high str (170+) IK helm will do, if you can afford it get with armor, vit or resists and if possible with max CC (6%). Socket with best ruby you can afford. The built-in % life will be very useful, as will the -% melee dmg.

    3) Your IK chest is trash (lowest of low vit, low arcane resist as random roll). Replace it with a Blackthorne chest, get one with high vit. It doesn't even need str on it. You can get a random high-vit (190+) Blackthornes for dirt cheap, if you can afford it get one with over 200 vit and % life on it, or physical resist and/or some minor amount of str (like 30-50 str or whatever). Socketing it with rubies will offset the str loss from the IK chest. Since you already have Blackthornes pants you will get the 2-set bonus of 100 vit. By replacing the Andariel helm with IK helm you will still get the 2-piece IK bonus, so now you are getting two different set bonuses (100 vit, 60 AR). Your current IK chest has 196 bas stats on it, with a Blackthornes chest with 250 base stats (say 220 vit and 30 str) and the set bonus you gain an easy 150 base stats over your current chest.
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    sorry if im jumping in here or anything but was just wondering how this gear is. what would be good mp lvl to farm on with this gear. and what things can I change out. I have been gone from game for like 6 or 7 months so im a bit rusty. i also have a really bad no socket EF and 1h i use the scorn gives me a bit higher dmg but i get more fury from DW obviously. not sure what i actually do more dps with though. I only have 20mil right now no idea how people are supposed to make money now adays 200mill items from when i last played are now worth like 100k lol.
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