Echoing Fury DPS Importance (OH)

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    Hi, i have problem finding definite answer to this
    Im planning to finish my cheap but solid barb to solo some ubers and was wondering at what echoing fury should i aim to put in my offhand
    the thing im wondering about is how important is dps of weapon when kept in offhand,
    whirlwind is alternating weapons but from what i know rltw is just taking speed from weapon which is about to swing and dmg is taken from main hand
    so generally what exactly is the benefit of having 1200 dps fury instead of 800 dps one except for the increase of bash and whirlwind dmg?
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    Playing without a main nuke is the wrong approach to ubers. Hammer of the ancients swings with a force of 403% weapon damage and alternates between weapons so a seemingly small difference gets quadrupled and turns into a very big deal. Weapon damage is as essential to weapons as crit damage.
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    ok but what benefit does such offhand give to rltw?
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    Quote from estereth

    ok but what benefit does such offhand give to rltw?

    Speaking strictly about RLTW and only the weapons dps (excluding +0.2X APS), no benefit.
    You said it yourslef in your first post - RLTW uses MH weapon dmg. This is why barbs used 2-300dps offhands untill patch 1.0.5 to save some gold.
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    Quote from estereth

    ok but what benefit does such offhand give to rltw?

    I don't understand your obsession with rltw if your goal is to do ubers.
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    In specific regards to a RLTW barb build with WW, the offhand DPS will help average out your total damage on attacks that utilize both weapons. You seem to understand the concept that having a lower DPS offhand will undoubtedly do less damage on attacks that alternate in regards to which weapon (bash & whirlwind). The main thing is that echoing fury boosts the attack speed of your main hand (the attack speed will also alternate) that part is important for Run Like the Wind - which will be a large portion of your DPS (and unaccounted for on the DPS sheet) So, technically, the offhand wont help your tornado DPS (notable mention - the higher the attack speed the more overall ticks which means a smoother damage curve and more frequent critical hits). However, if you decide to branch off from a RLTW barb or like to stop occasionally and bash some stuff, you may want to consider a more balanced DPS offset. It will always be personal preference but a common percentage you'll see thrown around is between 15-20% discrepancy for Main hand DPS and offhand DPS.

    Hope this helps
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    Quote from Strafir

    I don't understand your obsession with rltw if your goal is to do ubers.

    im in no way barb veteran, standard ww/rltw barb is just definitely cheapest from the builds to do mp10 ubers
    as turtel underlined, i 'knew' that offhand dmg doesnt rly matter for the build but was getting confused by all the ppl who run this build and put some very average echo in the offhand justbecause it has high dmg (ex. 1250 dps socket int vit) so wanted to get info if i missed some mechanic change that makes low dps offhands not viable anymore (tbh running with no dps offhand and doing same dmg was silly)

    anyway, i dont have obsession with rltw (i saw few Times how good hota barb is for single target), ill get socket/str/ll/0.25 fry for 15 mln now and when i feel like it ill upgrade that offhand + soj for hota, just dont want to spend 1bil for it atm

    thx for answers btw... andsomething i forgot about - how exactly does overpower deal dmg, is it just main hand, next swing wep or something bit diffrent?
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    sorry , what is rltw ? /noobface
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    RLTW : Run like the Wind, the Sprint rune creating tornadoes.
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    Quote from kahaneck

    sorry , what is rltw ? /noobface

    A rune for Sprint called Run like the Wind
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    ty , both of you
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