Please help me gear, 50mil budget

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    Only just hit 60 yesterday and I know my gear is pretty crap. I have absolutely no idea what to get. I have a 50mil budget and could really use any help.

    Much Appreciated, Thanks
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    you hit 60 yesterday? :o Y U SO SLOW

    lol j/k

    Good luck, i would give you advice but that would lead you to waste the 50 mil lol
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    Lmao I mean I hit 60 on my barb yesterday. Just really got back into it.
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    When will ppl learn that yellow shoulders > vile wards when you're on a budget....
    Change that horrible chest, get cd or ias on rings,sockets on pants,way more str on boots,much better IK belt or lamentation,ias or cd on gloves,lacunis without cc are pretty much trash,missing life steal or life on hit on weapons, missing an echoing fury as well,upgrade the gems in your weapons to atleast 80%
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    I knew all my gear was shit, and all of this was either self found or bought for under 100k for the simple fact that I could at least start farming act 3.

    Thanks for the advice.
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