Any tips to improve my barb?

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    Hello, Im fairly new to my barb and i was looking for some tips to increase my gear/ dps.
    here is my link to my barb

    Im currently sitting at ~98k dps unbuffed and ~117k dps self buffed. Only 30k hp and a decent amount of all resist. I also only have 17m right now and i would prefer not to sell my dh's gear. I like being able to switch and play on it when i want.

    thanks in advance.
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    Do you have any trouble keeping your WotB time up? i've tried pretty much the same build as you using the 2h skorn, and i've never been able to really keep my fury up.

    You could look at a new ammy, with CHC and CHD and high strenght

    Or maybe upgrade your gems lol just throwing out some suggestions
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    Inna's pants, ice climbers, and rare gloves. Then try to put more dps anywhere you can.
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    Should be able to get rid of skorn pick up two 1h weapons (main hand being axe or mace) and replace most of your gear for 10 mil and end up doing more dps overall. Your crit chance right now is way to low to run a WW spec effectively and has to change.

    This is what I would do personally with your budget.

    Replace mempho and get a good IK helm with 6 crit and high str as you can afford.

    Replace lacuni's and get some generic yellow bracers with 5+ crit with all res and vitality.

    Replace your belt with a barb belt with all res and vit ( if you can find one with LS and life % for the right price get it)

    Replace your neck with a yellow neck aiming for 8+ crit chance with 70+ crit hit damage and Str/average damage as high as you can afford.

    Get a ring with crit and crit damage with str/average damage (might not be able to afford to have both on it so pick the one you can afford).

    Here is a link to my character for reference in the direction I am going with my WW build :
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