Coming back after six month leave, LF 15mil gear advice

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    Hello fellow barbs! After leaving the game out of frustration last July/August, I have been tempted back by the Monster Power, Paragon Levels, and general affordability of powerful gear.

    When I left the game, I was stuck at Act 3 Inferno, getting compeltely rolled by every elite/champion pack, I was stuck trying to get by with either a sword and board setup and not having enough dps to kill things, or a WW build that would fall apart very quickly due to lack of crit/LoH. I couldn't get any better gear to drop for me and I couldn't afford to buy it either.

    Now that the gear levels have ballooned like crazy I feel like I could afford a decent set of gear for MP0-3 grinding while I work on paragon levels. Ultimately I would like to run a 2H weapon or a duel wield setup that is not tornado spam, however if i can get the WW build running smoothly I would accept that until I get better gear for the other builds.

    Here is my current gear. Everything is the same as when I left the game in July, except the 2H weapon i picked up last night for 250k gold on impulse. I realize now that the weapon isnt super awesome, lacking LoH and a socket, but I feel its a decent starting weapon.

    The only other piece of gear I think is worth keeping are the shoulders, everything just looks like junk.

    I have 15million gold on my account and no real interest in gearing my other characters at this time, so any advice on what level of stats I should look for would be welcome, along with build ideas. I know I need STR/VIT and resist all as a base, and then aiming for crit/crit dmg and AS for the perfect gearing, but I'm lost on what amount I should be aiming for.
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    Actually, your helm and bracers are decent as well as shoulders.
    Keep those and aim for these values to start with:-

    2000 strength
    35k life
    40% crit chance
    400% crit dmg
    450-500 all resist unbuffed for low mp.

    Chest and pants should be a big source of str and vit so aim for 80-90 str, 150 vit, 3 sockets on chest 2 on pants, as much resists as possible.
    You will need crit chance on both rings, and crit dmg and/or attack speed.
    Gloves are also going to need crit chance/crit damage. Gloves with no resists will be cheaper.
    IK boots with 90 str/90 vit shouldn't cost much. They will also come with around 70 resists + 12% movement speed.
    Buy an IK belt. If you can get enough vit on other pieces, look for the most str you can afford.
    Amulet, well you'll want some crit chance at least here and then go for offensive stats such as crit dmg and att spd.
    If you decide to sell the IK wep, you can get some LoH on other weapons and run the WW build. So generally an axe or mace for mainhand with crit dmg and socket, and then a dagger for offhand with socket/crit dmg/loh/lifesteal.

    Hope this is of some use at least.
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    I wouldn't recommend HotA build with a 2hander.
    I can suggest you my guides

    Thunder Barbarian (HoTA) very similar as yours with 2x 1hand weapons
    KeyFarmer (Cleave + Rend) with a 2 hand weapon (Skorn - very cheap legendary axe). It's otpimal to play higher monster power with not this good gear.

    cheap and effective gear upgrades for the start:
    new weapon (depends if you play with 2x 1hand weapons or a 2hand weapon)
    IK belt and boots for lifesteal, movement speed all resistance
    rare pants high vitality (200), high all resistance, 2 socket
    rare gloves or ik gloves - high critical hit chance >9%, str
    rings, critical hit chance >4%, str, socket
    amulet, critical hit chance >9%, hight vitality or high strength depends what you need (or both)
    rare chest with strength, vitality, all resistance and 3 sockets or tyraels might with strength >180 if you want additional movement speed
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    Hey guys, thanks for the advice :D


    The helm i just bought right after making the thread, when I logged in I didnt have a helm for some reason, and saw that the IK helm had consistently good stats for the price. I will look into upgrading the bracers last if i have any gold leftover. TY for the tips on rings/amulet, those were always frustrating to me because the variety of stats possible.


    Thanks so much for the build tips! I actually saw the Thunder Barb thread and based my current spec on it even though I have a 2h weapon, it was mostly to do a quick run around in game to see how things were. Act 3 inferno was nigh impossible when I quit, and last night it felt like Hell mode, faceroll easy. I will consider getting a Skorn in a week or so, but the IK hammer is doing me nicely so far.

    I see that neither of you mentioned stacking LoH from amulet or gems in 1h weapons/stat on weapon. Is that no longer a critical thing? when I quit last summer it was all the rage, you had to have 1500 LoH or you were a fail barb (that is why my amulet is nothing but LoH, was trying to get more of it and couldnt afford a neck with LoH and dps stats.)
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    You stopped playing after two months?
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    Quote from Boss_Hogg

    You stopped playing after two months?

    I would say three months or so, but yes. As I said in the OP, I got to act 3 inferno with relative ease and then was completely stonewalled and unable to progress. I also leveled a DH and Wizard to 60, but Barb was my favorite. being forced into WW or tank builds to get anything done was not fun for me, and I couldn't acquire any gear to support a 2h build.

    Now that gear is easier to get and inferno is nerfed some, I am interested in playing again.
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