Top 3 PVP Skills - Barbarian

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    We have put together a list of three skills we think will the most effective for PVP,
    The top 3 is purely our opinion, there are no right or wrong skills you can pick for PVP thats why we also want to know:

    What three skills would you put as your top three?

    Here are ours:

    3. Leap - Defensive skills used to get away
    2. Ignore Pain - Reduced damaged
    1. Wrath of the Berserker - Increased Critical Hit Chance: 10% Attack Speed: 25% Dodge Chance: 20% Movement Speed: 20%

    Good/Bad - Lets us know

    Thanks for looking.
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    1) wotb - CC immune is the main OP part of it
    2) leap + pull - offensive skill to catch some nasty rdps bastards
    3) ground stomp + pull + nice stun

    3.5) ignore pain (if stun duration of ground stomp will be nerfed or affected by some penalty)
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    weapon throw - throwing hammer 50% stun
    ancient spear
    wrath of the berserker
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