How to improve my barb - low survivability

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    Hi colleagues,

    I would like to ask you for advice on my barb and let it be helpful for other barbs too. I got "decent" (for me ofc.) dmg and I easly clear mp3. My problem is, that my health jump like hell, and sometimes happens that I die. It is because I got low live steal? or another stat that makes my barb weaker. If there are items i should change first Iam listening.
    Any feedback is helpful.

    I will post my armory in reply because its my first post here.
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    You should try for Vit on Shoulders, and you need some movement speed on boots at least. Immortal boots with 90 str / 90 vit are a good upgrade.
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    You have very low vit and you use no defensive passives. I would trade some strength for some vit.

    I would aim to get your health up above 40K to somewhere around 60K. That will help.
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    Like others have said, your life is way to low, especially for a 2h barb.... Easiest and probably cheapest thing to do is change all your Str gems for vit gems.
    After that start working towards moving that vit to gear so you can use Str gems again.
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    your are playing a very rare skill combination then the standard ww/rltw, but thats not a problem
    if you play ww with blood funnel you should have much more life!
    furhter I would suggest you should play on lower mp 0-2 for farming exp or/and items.
    for farming keys on high monster power use another build like my keyfarmer, see signature.

    first skills:
    change ignore pain with overpower (crushing advance)
    battle rage - change rune to into the fray - so you can longer use ww
    warcry - change rune to invigorate - if you have get more vitality from gear, 10% more vit is much
    change passiv bloodthirst - get another defensive one.

    second gear:

    as already mentioned, you need much more vitality.

    IK Boots
    Pants with Vitality (>200) / All Resistance (>70) / 2 Socket
    get a hellfire ring with vitality
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    Thank you guys for response, I changed skills already as you said Tazeon and its much better, now I dont need to think about fury :) and survi is a little bit better. Iam farming gold now and propably I gonna have around 100mln gold next week to spend, so after upgrades Ill post here how its going.

    One more question, what stats choose on shoulders? standard "vile ward" or something custom?
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    just switch Tough as Nails for Bloodthirst.
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    Quote from jarkoo

    One more question, what stats choose on shoulders? standard "vile ward" or something custom?

    Vile Ward is useless, get a rare shoulder with 200+str, 60+ AR and some HP. Vit+life% if you can afford it.

    You should have more LS, bloodthirst could be useful since you don't have a LS weapon. Get Vit on boots asap. If you want to use Blood Funnel, don't even buy MS gear, cause with that WW rune you won't see a difference. Normally you should have Hurricane rune and then 24% MS from gear. As long as you get your EHP and LS up, you can do that.
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    I found Skorn to be overrated. Sure, it doubled my DPS, but the attack speed was just too slow, and I kept getting hit and died quickly (act 1 inferno, 0MP). So, I'm saving up for better weapons, but I'm able to get along fine with my mediocre weapons for now. I'm currently using a dagger and a spear and not having any attack speed issues. Pick up a couple of cheap pieces and see how it works for ya.

    If you're fond of the Skorn or just plain married to it, consider stacking up your attack speed on your other gear.
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    I agree skorn with low IAS s rly a pain in Surv, DW works better in this regard, a Blackthorne jousting mail gives HUGE defensive stats even without AllResist, picked one up für 9 Mil when i had a kinda simuliar problem, 300 vit, life on hit and life% rly adds up
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    You have no physical resist at all. Try to get Physical Resist or Fire Resist on top of AR on a defensive item. Like IK Chest or Mempo I got one with FireR/PhysicalR instead of your Arcane-Resist. Most damage by far is Physical. You're AR, Vitality and Armor are solid, but you lack Selfheal, so either try REND with Bloodthirst Rune or get more Lifeleech/LoH.
    And 2H is only effective with 24% IAS or more!
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