210 mil to spend need help

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    I have 210 mil to spend right now on gear upgrades and I want to be able to max my mp farming and possibly be able to do mp10 ubers with my CMWW mage friend who's running 2.76 aps gear. Where is it best to invest my money to fund this?

    Here's the link to my profile any advice and help is much much appreciated! :) http://us.battle.net...4/hero/29673815
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    Well you need to pretty much change everything. So no reason for me to give specifics. You actualy dont wear a single piece of gear thats not complete junk.

    My advice to you is to start visiting that AH, and get it replaced with decent items.
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    keep the helm a propper mempo costs 210 mil alone. personally I would say that u should get a belt with lifesteal (ik is the best imo when on a budget) possibly a ik chest (decent stats were like 80mil a couple of months ago) then you can get a 2mil neck or so that is way way better than what you currently have. beside that it's mostly a matter of upgrading everything u have and double crit on weapons will help you so much dmg wise (better gems ofc)
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    Change your weapons get an echoing fury MH and an OH with high str,vit,CD,a socket and LS.Way better pants and chest, those lacuni without crit arent your best choice, much better boots with MS
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    Thanks guys posting this for my friends barb ive never played one before so I wasnt 100% where to start
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    Get Trifecta (IAS, CC, CD) gloves, neck and rings. Depending on the amount you want to spend on those you can leave out either CD or IAS but you should maintain CC. (eg alternate between IAS CD). Trifecta Rings with +min/max/average-dmg stat are even better. Choose stats depending on what you need.
    For a WW build a faster offhand (dagger / sword) is recommended.
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