Skorn or DW WW?

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    I have left D3 at the begin of Wow Mop. And i gave all my gear to a friend and he doenst log anymore >.

    So i had to scratch from the beginning.

    This is the gear i made in the last week ( had to lvl a barb from 1-60) with something near 2M. That's the reason of my gems >.

    I always liked the Dw Build but i dont think i can pay for good weapons in the moment. Since skorn only cost 200k hehe.

    I have 3m at the moment so what should i do? Try Dw or Keep focusing in skorn?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english.
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    A skorn is too good if you don't have much money at the start, but if you have much more fun with dw, then try to change your weapons as soon as possible, but this all depends on your aims.

    Do you want play on low monster power (0,1,2) for maximum experience and items or do you want to play on higher monster power (7,8,9) for more challenge and longer fights.

    If you want play on low monster power for experience, your gear is good enough to farm efficient, but you should buy another helm with a socket for a ruby. I would suggest an IK Helm. Furthermore you should try to get a Hellfire ring.
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    I want to gear myself in the moment to keep playing at high mp lvls in the future.

    So its worth change Andariel for a Ik Helm? Or i should get a Andariel socket?
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    Just use the skorn untill you can afford decent weapons.
    skorn is only good for paper dps or if you donĀ“t have any gold.
    dualwield is always better than skorn for a ww barb since high attackspeed makes it alot more effective.
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    I have made some changes.

    Bought a 1.1k weap with socket (mace) and a very fast dagger with native crit damage str and socket.

    And a IK Helm.

    What Should be the next thing to change?
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    Upgrade your Gems!

    Start with your emeralds in the weapons.

    This will increase your damage and will be a long term investment, because you can need it forever.
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    Am i doing the right thing buying a low echoing fury with str and socket to the off hand?
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    yes you are
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    haha yes you are
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    Now i have made a few changes "again" i took off the IK glove (gold pickup) and bought a glove with aspd, cc and cd and a bit of str. that got me almost 5k dps extra.

    But i had to change my shoulder to one without vitality with gold pickup.

    Should i keep the old set to keep 5 ik set bonus or i did the right thing changing it?

    Thanks again
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