Looking for advice please

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    Hello all, i need some direction in upgrades please.


    I use a SOJ with WW bonus in place of the Hellfire ring. Also my spec is a lil off right now, been experimenting on mp2 para runs.

    I have 150m + to upgrade. I have been looking at a new EF, but i am conflicted on it being my main hand weapon. I know a mempo with crit with help, but the weapon setup has been erking me. If i go EF in the offhand what would be the lowest DPS # and what stats should i look for? Do i have to use an axe or mace in mainhand for the crit bonus? Any suggestions to get me going in the right direction would help alot. Ive been kinda scared to drop the money on 1200dps EF and not have it be evrything i need for the near future. Thank you.
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