Uber bosses >mp5 spec for barbarian alt. with not so amazing gear.

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    My dilemma is i cant get Uber bosses down higher then Mp5 with my Witch Doctor.
    I got my Barb up to lvl 60 just to see if its easier but haven't invested yet in any gear, all my gear is mostly my own drops.

    So before i do spend some gold on gear i would ask you a question, if its possible to kill Uber bosses with 80-120k dps as Barbarian at Mp 6-7?

    I have tested some specs and i can survive normal elites with some tweaking to spec etc.
    Here is my barb with some wierd spec i tested earlier Baradûr-1264/hero/19884251
    I have however some weapons and can push dps to ~130k buffed dualwielding.
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    I can easily beat mp6 ubers with my 100k dps hammer barb.. need some more dps=life steal (or more mitigation) for mp7


    EDIT: using "Smash" rune for ubers
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    i eat mp5 and its hard
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