WW barb help on key farming.

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    Trying to figure out where I can start squeezing out more dps or at least what to save up for next upgrade wise,any help would be appreciated.

    Mostly just key farm and making hellfire with CM wiz wife as partner.

    We run mp4 for now cause of zhom turmoil portal 5 and higher doesn't work for us.

    I know I need to lose some hp but my res is getting low so trying to figure out with 5-10mil budget if anything I can start trying to switch out.

    thank you in advance for help!
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    and with what you have problems? i have similar geared barb and i pwn mp6-7 solo, so in duo shouldnt be a problem, cm wiz is nice cc'er

    i would prolly add like 100-150more AR somewhere
    dunno how much you want your HF ring on, but you could find replacement with cc/cd/str
    i'd also add str on neck
    main hand seems to be 1st to change tho, low dps on it, find with same stats (mby more str?) and bigger dps like around 950+
    you can also drop loh from oh, find something with bigger dps, more str, cd socket and life steal

    loh is pretty much useless after 50-70k dps and it adds much to the price of items

    edit just now i noticed you said 5-10mil.... well for more dps in that gold range i'd still try to get main hand or ring.
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    I strongly advice you to get some more lifesteal, get a good mighty-belt. When you have over 70k damage lifesteal becomes much better than life-on-hit.
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    As suggested I would defenatly go for another Main Hand, I would try and go for a 1000 dps axe with a socket, ye you would loose some Crit dmg, but keep in mind that the damage from your tornadoes is only calculated from your Main hand ;)
    Regarding your HP, for farming Uber bosses i think its fine, and i would try and find another helmet with a socket, maybe something without extra damage taken from fire damage ;)
    Imo you dont need more Life Steal, im running with 6% and im completely fine on mp8 and i only have 300 LoH ;)

    If you want to you are very welcome to stop by my barb, my battletag is Karaz#2866, but keep in mind that im from the European servers ;)

    Edit: An easy and cheap of getting more protection on your gear, try and get some Lacuni's with armor :)
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    lol, love your character names.

    Lifesteal belt, socket in your helm, helfire ring has to go for uber fights

    You're kind of to the point where you just need to start saving up for IK equipment and attack speed equipment like Inna's Pants.

    I kind of find it interesting and funny that my wife and I play and we have exactly the opposite roles in characters :) hit me up sometime if you're on the us servers telquessir#1437
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    Thank you all for great help, time to start moving toward some new pieces and yeah the main hand is def time to change lol. Have to play with some things it seems.
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    Check my barb out for some tips


    Like some others said change your offhand you won't need life on hit
    Now..I can survive with just the 3% life steal from
    Passive up to mp5 then I just add immortal kings belt for mp5-10 and its not a problem.

    I found getting more str helped me alot . I have over 3k str with iK belt equipped and the difference it made was great.

    You may also want to consider some iK parts now you can pick them
    Up cheap for the resistances
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