The poor Barb! [needs some help boys!]

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    I've recently returned to the world of diablo. Playing my barb again but need to upgrade his gear. He runs the usual whirlwind build.

    I have 17 mill - 11 Euro or so on my account.

    This is my profile:

    What i need to know is, what 3-4 items should i aim for? what stats?

    My idea is a IK helm (due to crit) IK chest (due to survivability + huge dps upgrade) IK belt (due to LoH has been changed and i need the lifeleech)

    Then probably some rings... more crit to make fury regain better..

    but what do you think?
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    You are not totally off with the items you listed, but I think you should have considered looking around at the barb forum and looking at other barb profiles and look what they went for.
    But to be constructive you need more str, crit and crit-dmg in generel. You have way too many items with low or none str at all (legs for example, can easily be upgraded with more str without paying much)

    Edit: And get critical on pretty much everything you can.
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    Try to get a hold of a pair of Lacuni Prowlers, movespeed greatly improves the WW-barb.
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    General tips for ww barbs:
    get 24% movement speed helps you ALOT as "Bille" already pointed out
    Get as much crit chance as you can - crit not only gives you more damage but also helps you build up fury, more fury means keeping Wotb up ALOT easier :)
    Dont forget Attack Speed: gives you more attacks, witch means more tornado ticks = more attacks per tornado = more crits = more fury :)
    I would recommend you getting a Unity ring (You are able to get a cheap one from the AH), since you dont need the life steal from your Bul-Katho ring, plus the Unity gives you crit chance and more damage to elites :)

    I really hope that i could be at your service

    Best regards

    Btw you are always welcome to have a look at my barb build, maybe it could help you getting the bigger picture
    My battletag is Karaz#2866, would love to give you the direct link, but i havent made 10 posts yet :P
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