What is the best/ultimate WW Barb items? (Will buy from RMAH)

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    Ok so I have decided to start playing Diablo 3 again and after watching some videos on youtube and reading between the lines on the forum, many people say that WW barbs are awesome while some says that DW barbs are awesome. Although, DW barb seems so easy and I like the challenging part so thats why I decided to go for a WW barb.

    Anyway, I would like someone to tell me exactly which 13 pieces I should get to build the perfect WW barb. Which stats I would want to get or come close to, any item names of specific items that are awesome? I know skorn is the item most WW barbs use, but which skorn is really the most "perfect" one in terms of stats?

    I will buy everything from RMAH and I will only buy those who are perfect, or only a few stats away from perfect.

    So if you are an awesome WW barb, or a barb player at all please give me some advices.

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    If you mean dual wield when you say DW, then I think you may be confused. Skorn is the best two handed weapon in the game, and some can be had for quite cheap. However, for maximum potential, a good dual wield set up is better, especially if we're talking about a whirlwind build.
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    str mempho, ik chest, trifecta ammy , 2 trifecta rings, trifecta gloves,vile wards(or rare thats similar), witching hour or ik binding, 150 str 150 vit 2 socket 70+ all res pants, ik boots or ice climbers , 1k dps 100cd socket ias str, 1k dps 100cd socket ias vit/str
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    specific item name? dude item names are random for rares and your gear would not be full legendaries or set
    legendaries are not but there is tons of junk legendaries out on the AH, go learn min max value of rares then legendaries rolls. people like you are RMAH vendors best friend, so gullible because you are so ignorant. you can spend $2000 dollars from RMAH and the gear would not work. 400k dps barb with little EHP is rather useless.

    There is always a trade off for rares and legendary, vile wards are generally good but for the less money you can always get better rare shoulder. There are some consideration as well, do you need set? how many piece set you want to use? IK boots is hardly to go for I am not sure what the poster above are talking about and so is IK belt unless you want it for set bonuses. It comes down to you to decide what do you want more. str mempo? there are hundreds of str mempo out there, which is the best? again is up to you, crit mempo I would say but some ppl may prefer over 200str mempo and those 2 can't come together.

    go watch some budget ww barb video then you can at least understand what you need
    ww is mostly dual wield i think u are confused between dual wield and 2hand like someone pointed
    and hardly any ww barb use skorn if you indeed watch those video
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    In my experience and observations.. ill tell more exactly what youll need. (at lease what i would buy if i had the chance)
    First weapons.
    Main hand - Echoing Fury - as much as dps as possible - around 1200 (look at the dmg border to be arouund 1100 max dmg on hit).
    crit dmg 60-100,
    Strenght 150+

    Off hand - Fast weapon - sword/dagger
    highest dps as possible
    Life steal - 2.90-3.00
    Crit dmg 90-100
    life on hit 800+/attack speed%

    Helm - Mempo of twilight with 180+str and 6 crit chance
    Chest - Immortal king's eternal reign - with 170+ str and 200+ vita(ive seen with 280 vit.. realy expensive)
    Belt - Witching hour with 100+str + all resists/vitality (or both),
    Immortal king's tribal binding-250+str, Vitality, bash or frenzy dmg +13/14% (depending on what youll play with for fury gain and wotb maintaining)
    Boots - Immortal king's Stride - 170+str, 170+vitality (for at least 2 parts set bonus)
    Ice climbers - 200+ str, vitality , movement speed (if not capped at 24% alrdy)
    Shoulders - Vile wards - 280+ str/ around 150 vitality (or 7-12% live )
    Braser - Lacuni prowlers - 100+str, 50+ all ressists. 5+ crit chance
    Rare bracer - 170+str, 150+vit, 70all resists, armor bonus, 5-6 crit chance
    Pants - Inna's temperance - with 90-100 str. (dont like those pants personaly.. but if u want more movement speed and maxed out attack speed they are the choice.
    Rare pants - 180+str, 2 sockets, 200+vita, armor bonus.

    Amulets and rings
    Average damage +20-60(for example) (as much as possible up to 100 dmg), Strenght 100+ (on amulet up to 200-250), All ressists/Armor ,Vitality, Critical hit chance -4-6%(amulets up to 10%), critical hit dmg -30-50%(amulets up to 100%), Attack speed +7-9%.
    Gloves - Immortal king's irons - 170+ str, Crit dmg40-50%/ Attack speed7-9%. (or all ressists instead on of those.. but as an offensive item.. youll want the trifecta stats on those)
    Rare gloves - 130+str, Vitality 60-70+, All resists 50+, Attack speed 7-9%, Crit dmg 40-50%, Crit chance 8-10%.

    balance it to have 2 pieces with 12% movement speed. . dont put 3. For example...immortal boots and lacuni' bracers will give you both 12%.. and ull be capped.. then i would skip inna pants (ofc if you are not attack speed junkey.. ). Or .. many ppl think .. inna+lacuni for the move speed.. and high strenght (up to 300 with the socket) - Ice climbers.

    Those would be mine choice.
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    You won´t find close to perfect items on the rmah. Very good mempos go for 3bil+ top echoing furys can easily reach 10billion. I wouldnt use an echoing at all since that weapon just is a pain in the ass. Chest i would go for an TalRashas with 9ias 90str ~180Vit+ and allres, pants is no way around Innas with 80-90vit/str 9ias. Bracers lacunis for sure, boots some nice ice climbers with 280str+ and some vit. As 2nd ring i would put a stone of jordan with cold dmg and 7ww crit ofc your screen dps will be lower by a lot but 30% more dmg vs elites you won´t get from any ring you find on the rmah. One consideeration for ring slot is litany of the undaunted with 9 ias but isnt the best dps wise for sure but ou get so much survialability from that ring that it may be worth considering it. On really big issue is that you just can´t stack ias for more tornado/ww ticks since the increase is not linear. There are certain caps you get more ticks and between these caps ias is pretty much worthless for ww barbs. You need to spreadsheet that. I would suggest that you buy weapons and some pieces and then built it on paper from that on and look for the specific items you need to get max out of the gear. www.d3rawr.com helps a lot for that.
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