yet another help my to plan my upgrade

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    Hi everybody.
    This is my profile, and I don't know what to upgrade next. For Key Farming I have a different Amulet (some 200+ STR 200+ Vita, 65 AR and 6% Crit, and two different rings ( SoJ with -3 to HotA and Skull with -2 to HotA)

    I think I'm a bit low in the AR department to farm higher MP (I can do up to MP8, but die sometimes to harder affixes like molten, arcane and poison, so I key farm in MP 7).
    My budget right now is 30kk, but I'm selling my DH gear, including a Manticore with double socket and LoH that should sell well, so I'm probably going to spend 80 to 100kk. ┬┐Any advice?
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    You have AR on the most valuiable AR-slots. You could maybe go for a Litany of Undaunted with IAS roll would give you more survivablity vs elites.
    And you could take a glimpse at some decent launci's with 5-6%cc and vit or str (or both depending on budget ^^) tho you will maybe drop a bit in HP.
    ThrowUpBarbie and Puke'a'Doc
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    I had a Lacuni and sold it when bought Inna's legs (mine where quite crappy anyways). Lacunis with good stats and crit chance are kinda expensive :(, I'm not sure it's worth it if you already have 24% movement speed.

    I looked for a IK helmet with AR, but as mine have +Armor, you need to take some with high AR to get an improvement, and those are a bit expensive for a very small improvement :/

    The Litany of the Undaunted sound a good improvement, I might scan the AH for one with +IAS or crit damage or something like that. I'm at 1.27 attacks/s I think, that's slightly above the 4ticks per second with Tornados. Next breakpoint is 1.33, which I couldn't achieve without changing the hellfire for a IAS ring (which I wont for the XP farming setup, because it's stupid ^^ )

    Thank you for the advice :)
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