Innovative 2H farming spec

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    Hi guys,
    Lately ive been testing a lot of specs to keep up with WW in terms of farming speed and this is what i came up with:

    there is also a part of discussion here:

    in short:
    • you dont go for atk speed so you save $$ for boosting other bonuses like cc+cd. Atk speed doesnt affect ability dmg directly, and the faster u hit with HotA the more fury problems you will encounter so not worth it
    • if you dont go for atk speed u dont need mempo so 5-IK set is becomming a better alternative
    • it's not dependent on Sprint: Run like the Wind, so you can use Sprint: Marathon for better fury efficiency and greater ms%
    • Battle Rage: Bloodshed has a chance to deal 20% of crit dmg in aoe, combining it with HotA: Smash not only you have a better (0.8) coefficient and better chance to crit (based on ur current fury level) but also you deal 20% of this BEASTY MILLION CRIT in huge AoE, splendid
    • you can cancel animation of HotA in the middle (while still delivering dmg) and use this half of second to change position and reduce dmg from mobs greatly (also atk speed affects this mechanics in a bad way since you got less time to change position if u want to avoid loss of dps)
    • you dont miss legendaries since mobs are all being killed in your screen range
    • overpower with killing spree for even more CC and clearing trash without wasting animation time
    • if you dont have IK set and cant manage fury for both HotA and sprint you can still change this spec from HotA+Overpower to Rend+WarCry or even Rend+Overpower, the change in speed wont be that huge but still...
    • i guess this direction is more pvp-oriented than ww
    hope you enjoyed my walls of text and footage, keep on farming these bloody demons
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    i was pretty sceptic about this thread, but tried it myself )

    WW with 2H is still works better for me (about 1-2 mins faster runs), but this spec is much more enjoable. As a true 2H barb, i can not ignore such awesome spec )

    also i have some problems with damage reflect in this spec, i can farm mp8, but died twice on mp2 on big hp pool+damage reflect pack.. seems without rend i can not ignore affixes on packs >.
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    well just pull such an elitepack in profitable for you shape and use HotA animation cancel to focus down RD mobs (these that are on the edge) one by one(usually u dont want Smash to hit 2-3 at the same time), so far worked for me - when they drop health globes just charge through them and u shall kill them pretty fast with some practice

    my background are MobA games (5 years into that), so things like animation canceling and reaction-time based play is like a daily basis to me, you dont have to know how to pull this off instantly, it takes a lot of practice (and as u mentioned it's fun) !

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    I would swap bash for something else. Other then that seems pretty nice.

    I'm running a variation of the ww build, but I tweaked it to fit a 2h barb much better:

    Using ww for groups and hota smash to nuke champions. Also leap for the fury generaton and mobility since you wont be able to keep wotb up with 2h anyway. Works great.
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    Quote from Svennyy

    I would swap bash for something else. Other then that seems pretty nice.

    ye i thought about that too but i cant find any better alternative: cleave sucks rubber ducks, frenzy requires some decent atk speed to be able to even out dmg from bash by fast-stacking its own atk speed bonus and i dont have enough fury left to replace it with another spender (plus fury charge alone is not enough to sustain HotA and Sprint)

    conclusion: Bash: Pulverize wins
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    ya, guess u need into the frey
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    but bloodshed is too OP bro : /
    its the second most important thing after charge
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    It's a good spec. I've been playing exact same thing past month and it works realy nice. I should say thought, it has been posted around just in slight variations (like WoTB instead of Overpower etc), so innovative is stretching it a bit.

    My estimate is its slight variations are the most common 2h spec since sometime after 1.0.5 hit.
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    Quote from thekrucha

    [...] it has been posted around just in slight variations (like WoTB instead of Overpower etc), so innovative is stretching it a bit.

    weren't they using Battle Rage: Into the fray to sustain berserk longer in any case? i mean with bloodshed berserk is hard to consider - insanity has too high cooldown and thrive on chaos will not be easy to sustain without getting some attk speed and switching marathon to run like the wind (which is already half-ww solution) - charge is not that reliable source of fury, either you gain too much or you cannot use it at all, could i get a link to these older posts to know exactly what we are talking about?
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    Quote from thormond

    (...)could i get a link to these older posts to know exactly what we are talking about?

    Don't be bothered more than necessary friend. Actually I remember builds using Bloodshed and Marathond runes, but I guess all should matter to you is you came up with it independantly and good job with that. I'm not bothered to provide links but neither should you in my opinion. This build is a nice thought in the oversaturated WW market and I'm glad to see attention brought to it.

    This is a lot of fun to play and I'd like to see what this build constitutes to the PvP situation, which, I think, is the future of skill building.
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    just switched enchantress for scoundrel with buriza(12%) + cold jordan + multishot, lost like 10% mf but hell it was worth it
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    Its nice to see that people still manage to find new builds. Now we basically only need someone to have a brilliant idea with SS:
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    since i wrote THIS lately, i'll supply you with some additional data soon enough
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    This build looks pretty good! I farmed for the last few weeks with my WW barb and now I have about 30mil to spend. It took me a lot of time because I had no luck at all with drops to sell so its mostly just gold from selling stuff to the vendor ^^ Anyways. Im a bit bored now cause I dont like it to kill all the stuff that fast. I like the point that its the most efficient but I want to have fun! So I need a build to play more than MP0 or MP1! How much gold do I need if I want to play like this? I think its better to buy a whole new gear cause my gear sucks and Im not that good in upgradeing my equipment. So it would be nice to hear how much gold, stats, etc. I need to start farming more or less "efficient" in higher MPs just to enjoy the game again ^^
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    i think i would be able to do 10m or 5m budget barb for farming mp0 quite fast (possibility to exclude atk speed is a huge advantage over budget WW barbs, and good budget skorn is a matter of 1-2m + 60%-70% gem)

    but right now i was inspired by someone merging WW+charge in the same spec so i did many tests and ended up with this:!hZY!ZZZYYY average 70m XP / h on mp0, good also for legendaries and not dependent on atk speed at all. The only problem with this one is reaching some skill cap where you are able to manage uses of ancient spear, leap and SHIFT+charge (i changed my bind from shift to '~' just for this purpose) to sustain your fury level and killing speed
    eg. running through some elitepack, then hooking them all 3 to you through tornados - it needs some prediction to get a proper angle on that or you might miss 1 which is pretty bad ( you need to spend more fury to finish him off with WW and you lose time since you have to step back a little, or you lose cd on charge or leap which is not good either )

    pretty fun, though
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    Unfortunately this spec is pretty slow. You skip lot of trash on your way, since it is waste of time to hit single enemies with that slow attack speed.
    Another problem are elites, that spread and run away. Even very first pack (video) takes quite a while to kill.
    Ideally you want to kill all elites instantly (shielding ones before they can even shield). For example leap with pull rune, overpower and instant rend, and then move on. If you get to stats, that allow for 100% chance to kill any pack with such combo (also rend must be strong enough for elite to die before you move too far away, because then their health stops dropping at certain point).
    From my experience the key of getting really high exp/h with this 2h barb builds is to kill all elites instantly (leap+overpower+rend, overpower having no animation, leap and rend duration only counts pretty much). Oh and killing all trash while moving with ww. If you stop - you lose time. Also charge from my experience doesn't even save time, since there is that long animation when charge finishes (barb remains idle for a while, and you lose all speed gain you got from using charge).

    Ofc bloodshed is fun to use, I had lots of fun experimenting with it also with other skills. Just when we talk about speedrun, such run can be done much faster.
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    So I want to play with such a build and I have a 30mil budget. But Im worried about the price of a skorn. A normal skorn with good stats is about 3mil but one with lifesteal (and I need that so survive in higher MPs where I dont instakill elites) is 30mil. So what should I do to survive? Get some more money to buy a better skorn? Or do this build with 2x 1h weapons. I only played ww before
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    @aerialus: i agree this spec is not the fastest one, but this run was on mp2 with medicore gear (~200m set), on mp0 its looking much better. But still I managed to find faster 2H spec for mp0 without having to go for atk speed (using WW sadly..), gonna post some vid with it soon ( its nothing revolutionary but many ppl are still playing mainstream WW with berserker and they need to know )

    @JustinW96: enough good skorn for this is 1-5m gold if u change to mp0 (mine is like 7m right now but im gathering gold for some end-game one with 1400+ average dmg, 190%+ cd and 300+ str), lifesteal is not mandatory and this affix gonna suck at pvp hard so i'd rather go for ~300 additional vit or reduced hammer of the ancient cost
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    I really need to try a 2 handed spec. Good take!
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