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    Hi guys, so I am looking for advice on what item's I should be looking to replace sooner than other.

    I understand the stat's I should be aiming for and feel I know a fair load about how to build a barb but I am having trouble prioritising my items in terms of which are crappy. My weapons are inter-changable I have the Sickle and Shield as shown on my armory, aswell as a nice set of WW weapons and a fairly decent Skorn I use each of these for different specs and times obviously :)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I am getting awfully tired of these 'plz halp upgrade i have ***milliunz for gearz'-threads.
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    if you dont like those topic, well just keep scrolling.... maybe youll find a topic for you, some people like to hear advice from other player with maybe more knowledge so well yeah keep scrolling no need to post

    and for the topic question i'd replace your helm to get one with more strength, and also get some crit dmg on ring, gloves, amulet...... if you go WW
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    I'll try and reply with something more useful than the I hate these threads comment.

    Firstly, we need to have some idea of your budget and what mp you are aiming to farm / do ubers on.

    Secondly most Barbs have dropped the shield and are running WW builds. If you feel more confortable with the shield, that's fine but replace it with one that has crit chance. I picked up a stormshield with 31% block and crit for 500k the other day just for the hell of it.

    At the moment, I would prioritise new chest and pants as yours are both missing base strength. As an example search for 90 STR, 150 VIT, 40-60 all resist and 3 sockets. Same for pants but 2 sockets of course.

    Crit chance looks ok, so you want to get more crit dmg on weapon via socket + gem. Also you're going to need life steal / LoH for higher MP levels.

    Edit - I just noticed the bit saying you have some WW weps.
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    Thanks a bunch, I was playing WW for ages pre 1.0.5 and have only just returned. After doing a few runs on WW I got the impression it was pretty sucky now adays and went around searching for new builds to try, If I was wrong then I will resort to WW for a while!

    I have a Tri-Fecta pair of gloves with 8 Crit, 27 Crit Damage and 11% (Not so sure) Attack Damage along with 80 strength although I was prioritising my Resi and general survivability by going with the two set from IK's. Will have a look at replacing the Legs and Chest with Strength ones.

    Thanks a load for the help!
    'Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering'
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    ww is not sucky. just your gear is not balanced. ww barb is still one of the best farming spec for speed, efficiency and survivability. it just getting overused and ppl are getting tired of it.
    1.0.5 brings the monster damage down so it should be better and easier
    for bang for buck upgrades your pants and belt is the place to start (with 500k combined you can get a good upgrade, i am using the same gear as i describe below and now for upgrade i have to look over 1-3 million each)
    get rid of your set items, especially belt and chest. you can get much better belt for 50-150k (200+str 100+vit 70AR plus some good other secondary stats such as physical/fire resist, armor), your dps is too low for lifesteal yet and your IK belt is a low level str roll anyway.
    use your trifecta glove, keep the IK glove for now for when u get the better IK belt or new IK chest/helm.
    yellow chest and pants rolls 300vit so find one over or close to 200vit with around 60-80str 70+AR 2socket and secondary stats (physical/fire resist, armor), these should only cost 300-500k (more str and more socket = more expensive, go as much as you are comfortable paying). your chest armor can last a little longer but use all str gems on it and look to replace it soon with a decent rare or an IK if u can afford it.
    replacing your helm with andariel visage gives u much more dps but it offers little defensive value. i am using andariel now because it gives me 4-7 more dps just because of the attack speed
    i will keep your helm. the reason is str vit ar crit and a socket helm is quite expensive plus your bracer and boots has no vit so it is good you gain it back on the helm piece.
    your off hand can do much better with main stat, over 200str or 100+vit/100+str combo and should not be expensive to replace 500k-1m. you can aim for higher crit damage too though maybe 900loh might be a little harder

    from there fine tune it on your remaining pieces. if you need more AR you can pick it up on neck and rings, vit maybe u can look towards bracer since 3% crit is considered low anyway (though yours has nice AR and high STR), boots with movement speed, high STR, AR and decent VIT is expensive (400-700k minimum) so i think its better to replace bracer
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