can anyone suggest an upgrade for my gear and maybe a new build

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    Hi guys,
    sorry for bothering you with my crappy questions, i was wondering if anyone can help rise my dps on my baba by changing build and gear. i am playing act3 mp5. Right now i am spending millions only to get only few dps what am doing wrong?

    my character Spigias #1869 EU or Spigias-1869/hero/2780293

    Thank's for your time and effort
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    your gear is not bad, it's also balanced, but in order to achive better dps you should buy a new main hand weapon and maybe later an off hand too.on the other side if you want more dps you have to take pieces with crit dmg, crit chance and att spd. not just one, but at least 2 with good numbers. another thing you should look at is leggendaries with att spd like helm and bracers.

    for the spec, don't know what to suggest, you could try the WW spec if you like it, someone loves it other hates it.
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    His profile for the lazies

    If you want to stay rend spec, I would recommend picking up a high dps 2h weapon that has crit damage and a socket (possibly lifesteal or LOH too). You can pick up a 1300 dps skorn with around 170% crit damage and strength for pretty cheap... provided it doesnt have lifesteal lol. You can also change your tough as nails passive to bloodthirst for extra healing if the loss of LOH is too harsh from equipping a 2h weapon. You have a lot of survivability, so you can drop either OP-ca(i wouldnt), or war cry as you really dont need that much defense. Getting a 2h weapon would show a marked improvement in your dps (on paper) as well as a lot more healing from rend due to the higher weapon damage. Keep frenzy for 2h, but switch to maniac rune because it will make your rend tick 20% harder. You can try using either ancient spear (to help gather enemies for rend), or Ground Stomp-Wrenching Smash to also help gather up enemies (the stun is nice too). You can also try something similar to if you want, and make tweaks where you think necessary for personal playstyle.

    With your current gear, you should consider trying out WW spec as you could decently easily shift to that without too many changes. The #1 change would be to get a neck that has less crit damage, but 9% or better crit due to how the spec itself works. If you got an amulet with 9% crit, and 50% crit damage, you would gain 4.5k dps, and it would hardly cost you any gold. As it stands, you can lose the LOH from your neck, especially once you switch your armor passive to bloodthirst (bloodthirst is great for WW as well). You would gain a massive benefit from getting a higher dps mainhand with crit damage, and dropping the LOH... the passive more than makes up for it in the long run. As a WW barb, with your gear level, you can afford to drop around 10k HP for items with better dps rolls on them and still be fine for MP5 (IK gloves would be a nice but expensive upgrade for you as you would get the free 60 AR along with the damage reduction).
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    First of all i would like to thank you all for the lighting speed response and for posting my hero url. i will definitely change neck and i will try ww with dual wield. Also i going to try use a 2h for the rend spec just to see the results.
    Thank you again
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