Upgrade advice: WW barb

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    I want to upgrade my DPS, I have about 25mil. Any suggestions on what to upgrade first?

    Profile: BassFace#1807
    Character: RoidRage

    Thanks in advance
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    Weapons is something you need to fix even if you spend 0 gold on it. Get an offhand with less DPS but more stats, specifically life steal in addition to the LOH. Main hand can have less stats (say, no crit dmg or no socket), but have a lot more DPS. Your character screen will show less DPS but your tornadoes will hit harder and heal more. Consider a mace rather than mighty weapon for main hand.

    I'd get at least 1 level higher of experience gem in helm and emerald in offhand, and then start looking for chest, pants and/or boots with more vitality with the rest of your gold. Then, if you have anything left, consider a stone of jordan - You might lose 6% crit, but you will kill elites much faster, and when you farm at a proper MP level elites is what you're actually stopping to kill, while when you do ubers and key runs at higher MP elites is what gives you most trouble, and for them you'll want to maximize your DPS (which will increase your life steal, which should be closer to 6% or 9% if you push even higher MPs and use bloodthirst).
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    Thank you sir, I will look into those changes asap.
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    So now I changed weapons and its much harder to keep wrath up.... Is it attack speed or mace vs mighty weapon?

    edit: changed again to a new higher DPS mighty weapon and have no problem with wrath.
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    Mighty weapons gives somewhat more fury than mace. For example, if your mace gave you 50% crit chance, then with a mighty weapon you'll have 40% crit chance but gain fury as if you have 60% crit chance, which is 1.2X the fury generation of the mace. However with a mace you'd deal around 1.15X the DPS.

    It's a tough call, especially when you consider that at low monster power (exp/mf farming) you can't really keep wrath up anyway if you have good enough gear to actually farm fast, and that at high monster power (key/organ farming) wrath is easy to maintain even with a mace.
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