Next Steps for my Barb

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    Hello my brothers!

    My GF (wizard) and I are farming MP3 for some days now and I got several improvements from drops and the auction house and now I am seeking advise on how to go on.

    My profile link:

    I am running 73k DpS with battle rage and my survivability feels good.

    But what would be the best start from here? I´m still hesitant to go WW, because my last attempt was horrible (though I got some upgrades since that time). I probably should go 2h, but my shield still contributes to much armor to my survivability.

    Which parts would you upgrade next, if you played that barbarian?

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    Hm, upgradeded one ring now, it´s getting better. Still unsure what to upgrade next...
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    I'd start with
    - a belt with lifesteal (+%cleave if you're lucky) so you can exchange bloodthirst passive for either superstition or more armor

    Followed by
    - wrist with %crit
    - jewelry with average damage as long as you run with an onehander, it's dead cheap compared to trifecta stats
    - gloves with more stats, maybe IK?
    - helm with some strength, maybe IK as well?
    - more stats/resist on those pants
    - some more stats on your weapon, crit damage or life steal or or at least some vitality
    in no particular order
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    Not sure what your budget is, but i would buy a radiant star emerald for your weapon. You get to keep gems forever, so it's not really a waste. The sooner you buy it, the longer it works for you. You could also buy a higher gem for your helmet, whether it is life or experience.

    You could look for a belt with str, vit, all resist, and life leech. this should help your survivability. then you could look for a second weapon with str, vit, life leech, crit damage, socket. (it'll be expensive to get all of these, but look for the ones that are most important to you).

    if you really want to stick with a rend build, you should look for a mace since this will give you 10% crit chance from the weapons passive, and it will have a higher damage. (similar dps, but higher damage and lower attack speed). rend just looks at the weapon damage, not dps i think.

    good luck!
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    Thank you for your replies!

    So I will concentrate on upgrading my belt first.

    My budget is limited and I try to save 10-15m gold at a time and then buy one piece after the other (preferably something like 4-6m per item). I already scanned the AH (EU) and I now know that I will have to invest some time to find a good one even without Vit on it.

    My new ring brought me up to 85k dps in MP4. Maybe I will find something to improve my funds ;)
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    *sigh* Finally went to the dark side and started whirlwinding...

    Got some nice upgrades now, according to your recommendations I got a life leech belt and bracers with crit

    Running buffed (Battle Rage and Scoundrel) at 100k DpS and farming MP2 very fast.

    What would you think I should concentrate on next?

    I am torn between a better helmet (which seems to be expensive if it is a real upgrade) and a new mainhand weapon (which isn´t easy either). Do you see any more important improvements?

    Thank you ;)
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    i think you could drop a bit of vitality and get helm/chest with more strength, also you might want to look for an OH with %LL on it. a second 100% crit gem would be nice too and some more critdamage on weapons. maybe also a slower mainhand (e.g. with critdmg and a socket)
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    I haven't read everything in here, but personally.. I would recommend boots with Run speed, Ik gloves with 10%Crit, and I myself bought some good Lacuni Prowlers with run speed and attack speed, those really helped. Also I have attack speed on a lot of gear and it helps me so much.. it's unbelievable. Attack speed gives me more dmg boost than crit dmg/chance but high strength I noticed will always win of the three. Without base str your will benefit much less from crit and crit dmg and attack speed.
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