22m Pimp my Barb

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    So, I sold an echoing fury for 22m (no strength, no socket, no lifesteal) and would like advice on getting the best upgrades for my barb (link in sig). I realise that's not a massive amount of gold but it's certainly more than I've ever had.

    Any advice on what I should look out for is appreciated. Or, am I better off waiting until after 1.0.5?
    Thanks guys.
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    I'd wait for patch with jewelry at least, but you could get more crit on your helm, movement speed on boots... but ofc weapons are always great upgrades.
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    get a better chest armor for your barb and better ring's and amulet..

    amulet go for CC and CD.
    ring go for attack speed CC and CD
    i got a ring whit 77 streng and attack speed , CC and CD for sale..

    add me if you wont..


    price about 3-4m.
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    I'd wait with upgrading your gear until after the patch. The change that causes level 63 affixes to spawn on all loot dropped in Inferno (at MP 1+), together with the change that only ilevel 58+ drops in Inferno, will ensure that everybody receives better loot - especially so for jewellery.

    One or two weeks after the patch you'll get much bigger upgrades for the same money. Of course, the patch may still be off for a month or more, so you might not have the patience to wait for that. The choice's up to you.
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    Since you're not playing sprint/tornado you won't need the runspeed on the boots (netting an additional tornado spawn), thus i'd really just bank it and wait for the things to come (since your jewelry looks rather weak through the board). Maybe looking out for a belt or shoulders with pickup radius so you can replace your helmet with a decent one.
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    Ok, it makes sense to wait. I'll keep an eye out for bargains so I can get life regen/pickup radius on something else before I replace the helm.
    What's the best plan for rings and amulet? Drop all defensive stats like resistances and LoH and go for CHC / CHD / AS as suggested by Haka?
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    LOH can you get from weapon.. 1200 Loh is fine for like MP 4-5. if you wont to go MP 10 you need 2000-2500 Loh
    maby get a amulet whit 400-500 Loh, CC and CD. get a offhand whit 700-900 Loh. and find one whit a socket to get more CD.
    then you can go for the ring's whitout any Loh.. maby some ress, but again if you wont a ring whit attack speed, CC, CD and ress
    then you pay millions and millions for it.. 10-20+ million. per. ring.

    so if you get amulet whit 400loh. offhand whit 900loh you allready have 1400 Loh.
    and wen you get rich you can get pants like me.. blackthorne whit 400 Loh. then its 1800 loh.. and now you can take on MP 7-8 whitout dieing all the time..

    check my barb then you can see that i mean..
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    Found a helm with strength, AR, socket, pickup radius and 4% crit chance. Searching for these stats brings up only around 8 - 10 helms in total. Got lucky and mine was 800k. Also replaced belt for one with more strength and life regen.
    Am going to wait until after the patch for the rest as I dont know how many resists will be needed.

    @Haka, I'm never going to be rich!
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    I'd appreciate some comments again please, I have 33m to spend.

    Got lucky and found the IK belt a few days ago so bought the helm to get the resists bonus.

    I'm thinking of buying new chest and pants. Hell, I could buy a blackthorne's chest now but it won't give me any more strength. It would give me more vit and resists. Not keen on the blackthorne's pants though - no resists.
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